The R.C. Hedreen Company—owner of Hyatt at Olive 8 and Grand Central Hyatt—responded to allegations that the company was impeding workers efforts to vote for a union, as well as telling workers to call the cops on union organizers.

Here was the response from David Thyer, president of R.C. Hedreen Company:

On the vote question: all the union needs to do is evidence that 30% or more of the employees have signed union cards requesting that an election process be undertaken. At that time, we would begin the Federally mandated NLRB Secret Ballot election process. We remain committed to, and have always been willing to be bound by, the NLRB Election process. We simply believe in a free and fair election process.

With regard to "hotel managers telling workers to call the police…" : Our managers are often asked to respond to questions and concerns raised by employees about union tactics and information. Recently there has been heightened concern from employees regarding home visits by union representatives. As part of a FAQ's response related to home visits, employees were advised that they have no obligation to allow anyone into their homes, including Union representatives. They were advised to be cautious, and that if they ever felt unsafe with someone approaching them at home or trying to enter their home without invitation, that they should contact the police immediately. This instruction does not seem inappropriate in any way to me.

Also, with regard to the assertion that we are not abiding by the Hyatt Corp/National HERE Union Agreement, we (the two hotels) are referenced in the agreement, we are specifically not bound by any of its terms.

So, according to Thyer, hotel managers are in fact advising workers to call the cops on union organizers, and their hotels are not abiding by Hyatt Corp/National HERE Union Agreement. (Sure, they don't have to, but they could, and they're not.)

Good to have that clarified.