Not long after the launch of the It Gets Better Project, Dan Savage got a letter from a reader asking, "What is the biggest barrier to the acceptance of gay marriage in the U.S.?" Dan's answer:

[The problem is] all those quiet, timid, and cowardly NALT Christians out there who support marriage equality but have allowed their conservative co-religionists to hijack Christianity. (“NALT” stands for “not all like that,” the phrase you hear from liberal Christians whenever you [complain] about conservative Christians, i.e., “We’re not all like that!” Yes, yes, NALTs—we know. You’re not all like that. Don’t tell us. Tell Tony Perkins, tell the pope, tell Maggie Gallagher, et al.)

Today I am thrilled to report that a bunch of Christians have stepped up to accept Dan's challenge, via the NALT Christian Project. The mission statement:

The purpose of the NALT Christians Project is to give LGBT-affirming Christians a means of proclaiming to the world—and especially to young gay people—their belief and conviction that there is nothing anti-biblical or at all inherently sinful about being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

Here is the website, which holds a growing number of NALT video submissions and a ton of great info, such as this section devoted to Christians talking about what the Bible does and does not say about homosexuality (and if it does or does not matter).

Thank you thank you thank you, NALT founders John Shore, Wayne Besen, and Evan Hurst.