I am Spartacus.

Thanks for the solidarity, eastsounders. :)
What's to hate about a pretty flag? Some people are wound so tight, I'm surprised they don't explode just thinking about everything that offends them.
It is so cool that the cowardly haters got rainbow plastered for their efforts. Way to go Orcas Island.
Great that the community is backing them, but wait, the American flag is the "International symbol of freedom"? Seriously?

Who wrote this, a Fox News employee with a gay child?
The letter quoted here is by Michael and Jeffri an out-and-proud couple who are long time business owners and community leaders on orcas.
I read the comments under the article - looks like they were all from local people - and they were 100% supportive. They also were 100% signed with real names, no internet nicknames. Interesting that those who called for removal of the flag didn't feel they could put their names to it - you'd think if they felt they had a case they'd be proud to own up to it.
7 Kent

Sweet Themes Bakery Celebrates Kent Pride: Sept. 6-8, 2013

Supporting gay pride in South King County, Sweet Themes Bakery is a sponsor of Kent Pride 2013, providing boxed lunches and custom rainbow cookies, cake and cupcakes during the weekend-long celebration Sept. 6 through 8.

Kent Pride events include Gay Bingo on Sept. 6, Celebrate Pride on Sept. 7 and Pride Festival in the Park on Sept. 8, all in downtown Kent…

Kent...a modern 21st century society!
The American flag is the International symbol of freedom?
I wonder if the Norm Stamper who wrote in response to the original editorial (with positive thoughts, like all the others) is the former Seattle police chief?
Now that's an example of blowback I can get behind. (That sounded dirty)
Looks like P-town.
Suck it, bigots.

I hope the bigots choke on all that beautiful rainbow love...
I love this so much.
If this is akin to cross burning in your mind, congrats on being so sheltered. But I guess that makes sense coming from someone for who thinks that marriage is some big step.

also, lol @ the american flag being "the International symbol of freedom". Talk about out of touch with reality.
rob! @ 9: last I knew (about a year ago) Norm Stamper was living on, yeah, probably him. (He was also the first chief to go to Seattle Pride in full uniform.)
Nice to see some uplifting news with all this shit from Russia.

But seriously, I think the US flag is more an international symbol for "USA! USA! USA!" than anything else.
More like the international symbol of arrogance, oppression and death.
A candidate for the NALT project, for sure!
Thanks, @18. Yet another Good Thing he's done since stepping down as chief—seems like a real lemons-to-lemonade case study.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who was worried about the "the International symbol of freedom" thing.

Where I'm from (not America), it's seen as ... umm .... the international symbol of America. Because that's what it is.

If there's any flag that's a symbol of freedom in this story, it's the rainbow flag. And kudos to everyone who got that flag back up.
Aaahhh hahahahahhha get fucked, bigots.
Damn but that International Symbol of Freedom sure is one beautiful flag. What with all those amazing colors of the rainbow and all. Thank you to all our allies everywhere.
@22 You got that right.
@23: you too!
This makes me happy.
@4 - Thanks for the laugh.
"Brown Bear Baking proudly flies the American flag—the International symbol of freedom—at the top of their flagpole."

Seriously? Was this written by the Ministry of Propaganda?
I like to imagine that the "numerous requests" were just made up by the guy who 'passed [them] along.' In my imagination it was just one jerk who thought that his bigotry wouldn't carry any weight unless he had a shadowy hoard of bigots backing him up. Of course I'm probably naive. But I'm enjoying my fantasy.
@30: Or the guy who passed along the "numerous requests" mistook people's polite silence as agreement.

"Isn't it horrible that those girly-men at the bakery are advertising their sex practices to the children of our community?" Needs "STFU" or "a lot less than my opposite-sex-marriage ring does", or "That's not I see it. Not at all." in response, not an uncomfortable squirm while changing the topic to "Do you think the ferry will be on time today?"
I was just there a couple weeks ago. Nice little bakery, and the chocolate muffins are awesome!
Things like this restore my faith in humanity. I love the many signs these days, of times changing for the better. Truly heartwarming.
I am liking the points that this article is making, thanks. However, as a non-American, I am having trouble wrapping my head around the American flag as an International symbol of freedom...
@34... We Americans are brainwashed from birth to understand that freedom was invented by us and is only truly enjoyed by us. American exceptualism and all that, you know.
As a kid, I spent at least a week every summer at the Outlook Inn on Orcas, back when the drive-in had speakers attached to the screen and everyone sat on their car or the grass to listen. Haven't been back for years but this action will definitely get me to return for a vacation and to spend some money in Eastsound.
Wait, I thought the Rainbow flag is the international symbol of freedom?!

@35 We French people are brainwashed from birth to understand that human rights were invented by us and only us, but we view as highly suspicious people who put French flags on their private home or business (unless there's a soccer championship later that day that our national team somehow managed not to fail to participate in).

The last time French flags were everywhere was during the Vichy times, when the French government was doing its damnedest to please their Nazi friends. Schoolchildren had to salute it every morning and to pledge allegiance to the Traitor-in-chief... We remember. Nowadays flags are OK on administrative buildings and on national day, on other days or places they feel creepy. And schoolchildren don't ever pledge allegiance.
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave. I am sorry the Bakers were so polite that they took down the Freedom Flag for even a day so as not to offend the anonymous "other eastsound business person and his anonymous triangulating friends. A menorah in every window and a freedom flag on every flagpole and the REAL american spirit in every heart. That is Eden!
you know, even despite it being something many support, doesn't orcas have sort of a 'keep it to yourself' sort of tone... across the board? except when there's parades, then anything goes. but generally, you don't see *too* many others making many 'political' statements at all, especially not this outward.. or do you? i can understand supporters even feeling a little at odds with the flag(s), because it's kind of the only one of its type, and i think orcas has a tendency to value public unity over public diversity, from the little I've seen. that said, i also understand the response to people asking to take it down... that sort of request seems pretty... intolerant.
I so so love our little town :) we takes good care of each other, like when I was in a bad car wreck and the community got together and brought dinners to my family 3-4 times a week for about two months while i was in the hospital. Some of which was yummy baked goods from DBB :D

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