The Dallas Shame Parade.
Ugh yes this is stupid but please don't trot out that tired censorship straw man. No one is being told they can't be queer in Dallas, and if they don't like the rules of that event then they can organize their own.
As a Dallasite and annual parade participant, I'd estimate 30-40% of parade viewers are neighborhood children, and many parade entries consist of LGBTA folks with their kids in-tow.

I think it's reasonable.
@3 - If the families with children didn't want their children to see naked people, why would they take them to a parade where nudity and "lewd behavior" are such distinct possibilities? I don't want to invoke "if you don't like it, go home", but I'm even less fond of the government deciding what people should and shouldn't see, especially when it comes to other people's children. This is a pretty simple parenting decision that parents are fully capable of making themselves.
Reminded me of this Onion article:…
@3 I fully intend to use Pride to advance my kid's understanding of sexuality and body positivity. You know what's actually damaging to kids' psyches? Suppressing nudity, shaming bodies, and making sure only the most perfect human specimens are visible on magazine racks.
Nudity is one thing - that's expected at Pride and so many other Seattle things.

Honestly, though, this year's Pride Parade in Seattle contained some major turn offs for me and other homos I know. Specifically, a group of men that included one that was on all fours (with wheels), wearing nothing but a jock strap and a butt plug with a tail.

This rises to the level of forcing others to participate in your play time, which is unacceptable. It isn't erasing "queer" to require actual sexual acts to not happen in the parade. It's being sensible, and respectful of the many (and I would venture a guess to say majority) of others who do not want to participate in your sex life.

So I suppose I am half (or so) agreeing with the Dallas organizers.
@4 not that I give 2 shits about lgbta parades but if gay rights and issues want to come into the mainstream shouldn't the stance should be one of becoming more approachable by straight people? And @ 2 I agree its not like a late night freak fest could be organized in the community for those that feel they have to have there cock out to show there gayness
@4 - Parents are increasingly understanding that in order to counter diminishing-but-still-strong homophobia in society, they need to actively show their kids that LGBTQ are their friends and neighbors (and as the kids grow up, for some of them it will be themselves). Taking your child to an LGBTQ parade can be a great way to accomplish this. Public nudity and lewd behavior will drive people away. Ultimately, is it so unreasonable to ask people to hold off on the sexy outfits and sex until the after-parade parties?
I think there's a difference between LGBTQ rights and sex-positive 'rights'. Given all that's happened this year with marriage equality and all that my wife wanted to bring our kids to the gay parade...but we didn't because sex-positive and little kids just don't go together. Gay is mainstream now - accept it. I think if you want a sex positive revolution then it's another issue all together.
I'm OK with them enforcing that rule. I mean, don't get me wrong - I'm gay, I love Pride, and the nudity is fun (and hot). But, besides that, it can sometimes be over the top and needlessly naked just to be naked.

For those with friends that have families, with small kids, I've have many a friend tell me they'd love to come support me at Pride, but don't want their kids seeing all that wang/pussy/tits at 5 years old. Nothing to do with being gay, but all that nudity doesn't make well for families who'd come support their gay friends otherwise.

Sometimes us gays just need to chill... we can kiss, hold hands, hug, lick, poke, whatever - but must we also be completely naked and practically fucking each other in public to feel accepted?
There has always been a big part of the gay and lesbian community who are uncomfortable with sex and nudity, and who want to remove references to sex and any nudity from public gay events.

In this case, the Dallas police have decided to crack down, and the Tavern Guild who run the parade are toadying to them, and the gay and lesbian sex-negative crowd are cheering them on.

Why "protect" children from nudity? If you think bodies and human skin are naughty, then you want to "protect" the kids, I guess - although that just causes problems in the kids heads, since they have their own bodies and skins, and have to somehow reconcile that fact with the anti-body message. It seems to me that kids are being confused and mistreated by this supposedly "family friendly" stuff, but this is Texas, so a lot of the gay and lesbian sex-negative crowd here were raised in Christian homes where they, themselves, were taught confusing and bad lessons. They're just passing them on. Too bad.
Seems reasonable. As long as there's no nudity at any other Dallas parade, there's no double standard. Not getting worked up over this one.
This is what cultural assimilation looks like. Not that long ago cultural assimilation for any lgbt subculture looked bleak. It's not surprising the faction to gain mainstream acceptance, lgbt parents, is the faction that most resembles the pre-assimilation mainstream culture, and some percentage of that population shares (or will adopt) the prudish cultural values of the mainstream. Factions closer to the fringes will feel alienated, left behind, resentful. Their resentment will be directed not so much toward the mainstream culture anymore, but to those members of their culture who have found a welcoming home in the mainstream.

And of course Pride should remain outlandish, sex-positive, novel, burlesque. Let the mainstream prudes, gay and straight, cluck their tongues and whine "N.A.L.T." And let those who do not wish to shield their children from an outlandish, novel, burlesque, sex-positive culture attend and celebrate.
Texas loves Putin.
@13 right. Seeing normal, nude bodies is so much healthier than growing up to believe the only acceptable partial nudity is the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders or supermodels. Mary Lambert performed an excellent poetry piece at Town Hall last week talking about body issues, and so many of the women in the crowd were crying. I'll gladly explain butt plugs to my daughter (@7) if it means maybe she doesn't hate herself so much when she looks in the mirror every day. Body positivity is a mental health issue.
Bradly Manning's conviction by the court of Gay Nationalists was only the begining.

This is what it looks like to be let into the Good Ol' Boy network... so flex your new found normative-powers and start dictating what's acceptable and what's not!

Fuck marriage and fuck the right to serve in the military and the assimilationist agenda. This is the opposite of liberation.
@8 - If it were about blending into the mainstream, it would be an annual parade of respectable homosexuals in sweatervests walking their little dogs along the street.
Talk about straw dogs, bringing Texas into this, given everything going on in SF's Castro thanks to Scott Weener (sp intended) is a true straw dog. Welcome to inclusion and babies.
@17 - that's great that you would, but I have no desire to expose my daughter to what is, for lack of a better term, explicit sexual activity forced on others.

As I stated, nudity is fine. It is when that turns into actual sex acts that a line can and should be drawn. I honestly do not think it is too much to ask folks to keep their fucking in adult venues and at home.
I want to know what pride parades you all are going to since they sound a lot more exciting than the one we have here.
Come on, this is Dallas, people. They issue citations to men for leaving the house in unpressed jeans, and women for choosing the wrong shade of lipstick.
@23 and white after Labor Day
Doesn't matter, there can be 20,000 families with kids showing up and the media will take the picture of the one guy in a dress or leather harness. I say do whatever you want.
@19 That would be the best parade ever.

For little girls.
Maybe walking around in assless leather chaps is a stereotype that should be put out to pasture?
@27: "Assless leather chaps" is a tautology. And I'd like to see shamed closet cases put out to pasture before the leather queens go.
Everyone needs to ease up on disrespecting the families. It's PRIDE!! Why wouldn't I want to involve my family. I am a married lesbian! Flew all the damn way to Cape Cod to get married to my wife and we went through obstacles to start our family. We have a son now and the parade and gathering after is about unity and pride, so of course I want to include him. It's not like I'm taking him into Sue's or BJ's after. So stop questioning the logic of families that want to attend.
Fuck the fascism of the majority.

Looks like the Tea Party added a tea room.

The rallying cry of every bullying coward is "for the children."

Children thrive in a positive environment of free expression; they wither under the oppressive regime of violence and forced normalization.

Deal with your own self-hate, shame and guilt, adults, and stop spreading your joy-killing disease to yet another generation.

Tear off the door and burn those closets down. We're not going back.

Fight on, my lovelies.
The only thing that unites the LGBT community is a shared experience of oppression. As that oppression is gradually removed, we revert back to the myriad cultures from whence we came. Our sense of community will be lost as we gain acceptance.

Thus does Pride increasingly resemble the banality of mainstream America - not a place that celebrates diversity, but one that celebrates blandness. As Jayne Loader said, America transforms that which is threatening into commodities for sale, drained of their original meaning.

Sad but true. That is the price we will pay for equality.
In San Francisco families turn out en mass for the Pride parades -- nudity and all that on display.

It's really cheering.

Grow the fuck up, Dallas.
In Toronto, we have family pride events running in parallel with main pride events (also sober pride). If you don't want your kids to see much nudity, you keep your kids in the kids area. Heading out into the rest of pride is at your own risk.

And with that you're proving everything rational people say about homosexuality. A sexual expression that requires public near sex acts and nudity to be 'real' is at heart sick and deviant.

FYI, wanting our children to share the self respect that keeps nudity and sexual behavior private isn't sex negative or any kind of problem. It merely emphasizes the difference in sexually healthy adults between us and, say, my dog.
You can't have your cake and eat it too. Fucking Hipsters

@34: What the fuck man. All he said was that Gay Pride becomes fragmented and diluted as public acceptance of homosexuality increases, as there is no longer a unifying threat external.
Plus, have you seen straight culture? Walk into nearly any convenience store and you'll see girlie mags out in the open extolling the wonders of silicone. Think of the children!
@37: I eagerly await your similarly rationalized protest of Mardi Gras, asshole.
I meant @34
@34.. yeah.. we've been 'sick and deviant' all along least since yeah.. we should stop.. because of the families..yeah....
families with small children can go fuck themselves, the world doesn't revolve around them and their sensibilities even if they think it might.
ITA with @32 and @33.

I strongly support gay marriage even though I thought not being expected to get married was one of the benefits of being gay. And often, marriage begets children. hooray for spawns-of-gays! But the mainstreamization of queerness is dull. I thought the dude with the plug was OTT but I'd rather see him than the endless chain of unimaginative corporate ads that comprised most of the rest of Seattle Pride this year.

Completely reasonable. If we gays want equality, it's time we start acting like we are equal. More and more gays and lesbians are having and adopting children and over time, more and more gay-parented families will skip Pride events, due to the often over the top exhibitions. Instead of it being a "Gay Pride" parade, it will soon become a "Sexual Pride" parade. Since a huge number of integrated gay people do not attend such parades anyway, they are not a true representation of the entire gay community.
@43: Maybe this is just the advantage if living in a big city, but why not have both? This year, we had a trans march, a dyke march, and the parade, in addition to countless other events. Why does every Pride Week event have to include everyone? Why can't the parade be the raucous, Mardi Gras-style expression it's been for years while still creating space for those who want something tamer?
I have a serious, non-rhetorical question: Is nudity allowed during other public events in Dallas? If not, then I can hardly get my knickers in a twist about this. And if so, then this is completely shitty.
@37 That was a good one.

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