Self funded candidates can still self fund, no court in the world will prevent that
To be more specific, self fund as much as they want
There are way too many programs and levies that put "the entire financial burden on property owners, despite the program’s ostensible benefit to the entire city".
Time to stop it already!!
Surprise surprise that big moneyed interests have come out against a campaign that will limit the influence of money in Seattle politics. The Chamber loves being able to buy its city council members. No wonder they're opposed.

The Seattle Chamber is becoming increasingly irrelevant. The Greater Seattle Business Association (Seattle's LGBT business association) has taken over as the only relevant chamber of commerce in Seattle because their values reflect those of the city. And this is coming from a small business owner who isn't gay, and still feels that the LGBT chamber is the only one that really represents my interests.
The question of how Independent Expenditures (IEs) will be handled is still pretty vague.
Good, interesting post (despite a couple of homophone typos). It's too bad business groups so often oppose principled, egalitarian ideas. One might start to get the idea that business groups tend to be made up of assholes.
The requirement of 600 donations is a pretty high bar. Even The Stranger's beloved Sawant doesn't have that many donors.

This legislation, written by the incumbents, favors the incumbents.

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