Polls are nice, but the primary election is a poll too. That poll showed Dunn leading 55 percent to 35 percent.
Hmm, J.R., primary was 26% turnout in KC 9 ... General will be much higher. Lower turnout = Republican voters.
So, you guys are reporting on the results of a push-poll now ?
@4 Well, if you don't know the difference between a push poll and messaging poll, you've got nothing to contribute to this conversation.
FWIW, let's add some facts to this instead of calling your slog readers idiots. The recent mayor's race poll was 652 out of 412,000 registered voters in the area (0.16%). This poll was done by a democratic polling firm of 400 likely voters in a district comprised of 135,000 registered voters in the area (0.3%) and took the extra time to "inform those questioned about the democratic candidate". Also, they haven't published the raw results so there's that.... Considering the money in this race vs the mayor's race, polling twice as many is kind of significant.

Maybe not as negative or as large a swath as is possible, but "informing those polled" about one candidate fits my definition.
It is a push poll, i was called. They may not officially call it that but if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck well you know the rest....
Dunn spends more time on his hair than he spends attending Council meetings.
I got a poll recently on the Kasner/Wallace Bellevue city council race. It wasn't exactly a push poll, but the difference was a matter of tone and degree. Regardless, blogging about a poll, even a push poll, can be informative. So thanks!

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