Actually I'd rather she handle city business. She's not paid to kiss the Stranger's ass or Russian bum boys.
How many homophones fit into an NBA arena? Quite a few....yet the Stanger cultivates that bullshit machismo culture.
I love this so much, that Lakin wrote it, and even more that Dan posted it. I do admire her for standing up to the mayor in recent years and see her way of doing things as valuable. But it's time to let all that go. Let the Russian kids see we're behind them, pass the resolution, and let Dan get back to fighting the real dragons.
Didn't the Stranger pull a total 180' on Israeli BDS once Israel sent a gay delegation to Seattle? Refugee camps? Military occupation? Whats that? All I see is a group of nice gay men and women at my office door.
Why not a proposal for the rapes in India. The woman and children raped and starved in Somalia, Congo, etc. A statement about the beheading, shooting, cutting and torturing videos that permeate the net from the Middle East.

What a trifling bit of dog shit. Do you think any of the above, or Russian Thug culture gives a flying fuck about a statement from the Seattle city council? The council say yes, they say no, or do nothing, not one iota will come from it except a fake feeling of having done something; as significant as clicking "like" on a facebook campaign.
@7 Go clean up your room like your mommy told you.
@Lew Siffer - Social approval matters. Moralist thugs usually imagine, rightly or wrongly, that they are righteously defending the social order & the silent majority. You can still see that within the US, no need to look at Russia. That's why speaking up and declaring opposition is so important.
@7: Speaking up against evil and oppression is always the right thing to do in and of itself.
Council passes resolutions on this sort of thing all the time, and has for decades. I'm certain that if you looked in the Council resolutions from the 1970's you'd see several condemning the USSR for the treatment of Jews, so there's even precedent. This is a no brainer.
@7 - Self indulged petty little troll
I just left a message with her office, and was told she is currently "drafting a response." I'm looking forward to some truly excellent linguistic contortions.

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