What's in mankind's genes that we should spend so much of our time tormenting one another?
This is the kind of propaganda that lead to the holocaust.
What has happened in Russia to make all these anti-gay laws suddenly pass?

Was the discrimination always there, and the laws just brought it to our attention? Has there been a sudden cultural shift? Did someone powerful need an issue to distract the population with? Where is all this coming from?
don't you just hate it when people rely on discredited studies to make their argument? I know I do — every time you guys trot out Kellerman's discredited studies on guns.
Oh, and by the way, I'll bet you didn't know you were "one of the biggest bullies around." Heh.…
@3: in one of Woody Allen's movies (Love and Death, I think) an anti-Semitic character is explaining the differences bewteen a Russian Jew and a German one: the Russian Jew has horns. The German Jew has stripes.
@3: Putins always looking for some way to increase his power, and since there's a strong tendency in Russian politics to be oppositional to the West, cracking down in an area that is being so liberalized in the US and Western Europe is the perfect opportunity for him.
Scott Lively
Well, I can tell you one thing, it's not easy to find this video on the Russian internet which means it can't be that popular.
@3 No, there's no real cultural shift. "Tolerance" has always been a bad word here. The whole Russian identity revolves around us having very high morals and a special "soul" or some BS like that because there's nothing else. We hate feminism, we looove racism, and of course we hate all kinds of "abnormal" "perverts" because being normal is pretty fucking important.

Or when people copy and paste fake news articles that aren't Onion funny. That's the worst.
Yeah, I hate it when Slog posts things like that.
No. No. Not rape. You cook and eat these children. I got them out spackling frosting on the roof of the ginger bread house right now. Don't know why they keep leaving breadcrumbs all over the forest. Dumb kids.
So disgustingly sick and evil and full of lies. A version of blood libel for us. This doesn't belong in a modern, civilized world. Tragically for gay people there, Russia doesn't seem modern or civilized.
Oh, sorry, @14 — they're beyond discredited. They're a laughing-stock. Even Harvard doesn't stand behind them any more.
@16, I don't know how we got on this topic again, but as always you are wrong. Kellerman is a highly respected researcher and author of hundreds of papers which have been cited in many thousands of others.

His critics are, to be blunt, not. Gary Mauser, for instance, is a blowhard nobody who has an abysmal academic record (hardly any citations, most publishing in low-impact fake-o publications) gets a ton of attention from the NRA because he's virulently against even thinking about gun regulation. And the "Harvard" you refer to is one article (by Mauser) in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy. One article attacking Kellerman doesn't mean "even Harvard doesn't stand behind" him.

Note that Mauser is not a Harvard professor at all, but works at Will in Seattle's alma mater, Simon Fraser.

It would appear that you don't understand how academia works, which isn't surprising, since you don't understand how anything works. "Harvard" is not a single entity with a uniform point of view. Saying "Even Harvard doesn't stand behind them" doesn't make any sense, and in this particular matter it is the opposite of the truth, as Harvard is of course one of the centers of the movement to view gun violence as a public health matter.

It's also important to understand that it is almost impossible to do adequate research on the efficacy of gun control measures, BECAUSE IT IS ILLEGAL TO DO SO. That's what your NRA is all about: stifling knowledge, and hiding behind cranks. The parallels with climate change denialism is striking; in fact, it's usually the very same voices.
The idea of the police ripping kids out of their parents' arms and parents having to send their kids overseas is 1930s Germany. I understand that Dan's personal vendetta against Sally Clark takes priority, but there needs to be pressure put on the IOC to take action.
@ #3, from what I hear from my husband, the real cultural shift was in to 90s, when things that were once taboo were made acceptable, or at least not immoral. Unfortunately, that freedom came on the back of some serious crime and economic hardship.

And then, Putin. And the giant shift towards beating the drum for the Russian identity as a means of combating the listlessness that happened when communism's ideals failed. And who is a true Russian? Someone white, Slavic, straight, and of the Orthodox church.

In some ways, this is worse than the USSR's shit. Yeah, they preached a pretty unpleasant world view, and lots o people died, but at least racism was considered somewhat barbaric, communism wasn't just for the racially or religiously pure and no one was saying a magical higher being had blessed Russia with awesome.

Now Russia's plagued with religious zealots, meatheads who thing being gay is disgusting, and outcries that the current Miss Russia shouldn't 've been crowned because she's obviously "too southern/Asian looking". Look her up and tell me this isn't messed up.
@4, 16: Kellerman's studies on guns are only "discredited" in that the NRA doesn't like them. Is it true that they don't demonstrate causation, only correlation? Yes. Is it they only looked at gun deaths, and not nonfatal gun incidents? Yes. Is it true that they didn't distinguish between guns kept in a home and guns brought into a home in shooting deaths? Yes.
However, the methodology and data in the studies are solid. Just because they have been cited in misleading ways doesn't make the studies themselves flawed.

Also, Fnarf has you dead to rights with his last paragraph. Your lot simultaneously complain that there's not enough evidence to support gun control and ban any research into it.
I'm pretty sure Putin and the Orthodox Church are warming Russia up for a good old fashioned pogrom aimed at the gays and their allies. It'll be an efficient Stalin-esque way to get rid of a lot of people they disagree with and scare the shit out of anyone left.
If you don't read the subtitles it's a pretty hot video.
And the IOC and athletes would even consider lending themselves to legitimizing this hateful nonsensical spew?

NBC, Sony, and Coca-Cola would associate their brands with THIS?

It's time to send this video to every Olympic sponsor and ask them, "Is this how your company wants to be thought of?" Once the shitstorm starts it will be too late to disassociate from the lead up to said shitstorm.
@21: Dude, what do you think a pogrom *is* besides officially sanctioning the public when it beats people up, kills them, and then burns their houses?

"Don't prosecute these crimes against homos" says the government to the police, and that's exactly what's happened. It's already happening. Neo-nazis are currently beating and torturing gays, smiling for the camera while they do it, and then posting the results to facebook. And the police do nothing. Not almost nothing, or trying and failing, they're actually doing nothing.

And that's a pogrom. It's not a warming up to a pogrom, it's actually what defines a pogrom. The only way it could be made worse is if the government officially set up ghettoes for the gays, and then came out with a bullhorn and rallied people to throw firebombs into that neighbourhood *there*.
@25- I think a pogrom involves massacres, not isolated incidents. We are in the first act, and right now the USA should be opening it's border to Russian gay folk, because there is going to be a conflagration soon.

Things are very bad now, but they can get much, much worse.
@26, the point being that this is how it starts. Things WILL get much, much worse if they get away with this. Things HAVE to get worse. Logic demands it.
Well, there are straight parents who adopt children in order to rape them. Seems to me that's, oh, 95% more common than any gay parents doing that.
Sorry, that was stupid math on my part. It's not 95% more common for straight parents to rape their adopted children. It would be something like 19 times as common, which is 1900%.
Ever since this shit started going down in Russia I've just felt hopeless and lost.

29-You're right, most child molesters identify as straight or I should say target opposite sex children, and they far outnumber same-sex molesters. I especially distrust those in the church or youth programs.
If anything, rates of child abuse will only go higher as the hate in the country increases, right now the neonazi pigs are doing most of the abuse as well as so many of these ignorant hateful parents.
About a month or so ago, I saw an article by a feminist born and now living in Russia who said it wasn't personal. I wonder if she still has that opinion.
@ 26, pogroms are not defined as massacres. They are defined as riots - riots that are sanctioned, even organized, by the government, against a minority population. People may or may not die, but death isn't a defining characteristic of pogroms.
Hey, hey, hey many kids have you killed today?!
Hate to say it, but the guy's got some good arguments in there. There are also some great arguments on the pro-gay side. There's just as much "propaganda" on the pro-gay side as there is on the anti-gay side, btw. If you try to deny this, you are simply confirming that you yourself are not thinking critically, just drinking the Kool-Aid (aka most Sloggers).
Pro-gay "propaganda": Homosexuality is normal; homo's are people, etc.
@ 22 I'm not gay, but LOL.
I want to see one of these with accurate statistics on the Russian Orthodox Church.
Some of you ask here "What has happened in Russia?"
Answer is, nothing has happened in Russia... unfortunately.
But what happened to us?
When Putin went on with his "hangman" mission around what was before the USSR, killing people of Chechnya, bombed Georgia, economically suffocated Ukraine, etc.
Killing journalists and poisoning opponents? Where were we?
Remember Hangman? "First the alien, then the Jew... I did no more than you let me do."
Ask Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton how "Tea with Putin" tastes like?
Maybe little bit like Syrian gambit?
Boycott Sochi Olympics!
the parents depicted in the video as molesters should get together with some organization with some money and sue the organization propagating this video with libel in the UK, where libel laws are more favourable to the libelled.

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