That statement is rich coming from a politician who spend hundreds of thousands on consultants to implode his mayoral campaign. Full disclosure: I contributed to Burgess in the past but never will again.
Guess we didn't need a tax hike after all. Survived just fine.
What @1 said
free pot and fixed potholes!
I'd love to see some restoration to the public transportation cuts they've made over the last several years.
I'd love to see the farebox contribution increased.
@6, the "they" you refer to here -- who is it, exactly? The city and county has fought to fund Metro. The legislature is drowning transit funding in the bathtub.

Oh, and it's "Seattleite".
Speaking of traffic signals, can somebody tell my why Seattle seems to hate unprotected left turns so much?
Only 15 new police officers? Mikey loooooooves them criminals.
Thank You Warshington Cattle Commenters

You've truly been an inspiration

After observing locally (here in Oregon) the serious damage that can be afflicted to a community by only one half dozen members of a well organized, covert and under veil, team of disgruntled journalists pissed off to high heaven over the death of the propaganda and sellout machine that has become all news media businesses under the control of the AP and other affiliated ticks leeching off of the labor of the general population whom they view themselves above

the public servants of City, County Government as well as law enforcement branches of government, could become immune to the sabotaging effort of such "news" crews monkey wrenches

I would much rather light a candle than curse your darkness, but I've been shown time and time again how much journalists care about the truth

which is to not give a shit at all

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