Morals question here.

I am a generally sex-positive person. Some good friends of mine—two nice, politically-progressive people—recently hired a contractor (who was apparently un-shockable) to remodel their basement and turn it into a "playroom." They spent at least 50K building a dungeon in their basement. They're kinky and into some hardcore stuff and I'm fine with that. But I question the morality (and the progressive credentials) of anyone who would spend that much money on what is, at the end of the day, just a place to fuck. There are people out there without enough to eat and just as many without a place to live.

Your thoughts?

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My response—which regular readers can probably guess at—after the jump.


Unless you're laying the exact same guilt trip on friends who've hired contractors to build them glamorous new kitchens (just a place to eat!) or swanky new bathrooms (just a place to shit!), DAQ, you need to shut the fuck up about the money your kinky friends spent on their new playroom/dungeon/homefucktheaterwhatever. (And if didn't occur to you to lay the exact on guilt trip on vanilla friends who've spent stupid money on non-dungeon-related remodeling projects in their homes—or on luxury cars or on destination weddings or on pricey shoes—you're not as sex-positive as you think you are.)

Looking at your friends' recent remodel this way might help dislodge that stick in your ass (kinky!): Your friends aren't just kinksters, DAQ, they're job creators. And it's thanks to them that the contractor they hired, his crew, the folks who work at the place where the contractor bought lumber and nails and zinc-plated eye hooks, and the folks who work at the stores where your friends bought their BDSM gear, etc., etc., aren't currently among the hungry and the homeless.

I don't usually subscribe to trickle-down economic theories, it's true, but if it'll get you off the backs of your kinky friends, DAQ, I'm willing to make an exception.