This made my day - thanks for sharing Dan
I like it. Thanks! But I want to hear what Tim Minchin thinks.
The lip-sync could be better, but yeah, good stuff.
Kinda disappointed they didn't include the Putin fish kiss, but oh well.

Not really relevant to the closeted-gay theme, but did you know Putin has a dog double?
For all the time and effort they put into making this smarmy song and video, they could have rescued 100 gay kids from Russian orphanages.
@5 Huh?
@5 Concern troll is concerned
@7: And living in some kind of bizarre fantasy land where people can just magic children out of Russian orphanages.
Isn't free speech a fabulous thing? No wonder haters hate it.
@8 and just as magically determine which of the orphans are gay.
Hi, Naomi here, who wrote the song. Thank you guys so much for liking our video! And thank you Dan for posting it, we are simply thrilled to bits! (I just finished hopping around my living room)

@2 me too!
@3 we're working on that :)
@4 dang, yes, Marc missed that one (he did the editing)-ha! that dog is eerie! :)
@5 we did at least donate to a good cause and encourage everyone to do the same, they'll be getting on those orphanages asap-… :)

thank you again for your kind words

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