Did John Marion ever come there to bother you at work? I hope so cause I hate it when guys never carry through on meet ups! It's rude.
I am so proud of you! You did GREAT.
I can't believe your composure, Dom. I would have been irate.
I think promoting the interim police chief who was deeply involved in the DOJ problems really set a tone. Are you still going to write in support of McGinn?
Minor edit needed toward the end, I think?

Admittedly, my incident was physically like recent incidents involving Seattle cops kicking, punching, shooting, and stepping on people on camera.

Anyway, thanks, Dom!
I mailed to the entire Seattle City Council the day you first reported on this a request for someone--ANYONE--to take up some form of "freedom to record" legislation. It is already legal to do what you did.

This suggested law would be to specifically and explicitly prohibit interference with lawful recordings/photography, seizure of lawful recordings/photography, or destruction of lawful recordings/photography, and to make such actions explicitly a criminal offense, with enhanced criminal penalties and fines if the materials were, in fact, evidence of criminal acts. Such restrictions, and possible criminal penalties as written into the law, would extend to anyone in the City of Seattle, from civilians to local to Federal law enforcement.

I mailed all nine members of the Seattle City Council, and not a single person or staffer even acknowledged the suggestion.
@5) Thanks, fixed it!
"... I'll just come to The Stranger and find out—and come bother you at work. I'm sure your boss will love it when I just come in there and bother you while you're trying to write your newspaper."

The CONTEMPT in his voice when he said "NEWSPAPER" was undisguised and unmistakable.

This is not a man I want as a public servant. This is not a man I would feel protected by.
What @2 said. You handled the situation very, very well.
@1 Yeah, the police force has no need for pussies.
@6 - Bravo. Wonderful proposal. Where do I sign a petition to get it on a ballot as a state law?
Admittedly, my incident was physically like recent incidents involving Seattle cops kicking, punching, shooting, and stepping on people on camera.

I think you meant "unlike"
Yeah, that's why I have major issues with supporting McGinn, but to his credit the Seattle Police Officers' Guild (SPOG) has now endorsed Ed Murray. If you want to talk about evil right-wing groups that are severely undermining our city, SPOG's going to be near the top of the list.
Why is Officer Marion's head half the size of a normal person's head?
Doh! seatackled got there first!
Marion sounds like he's in roid rage.
It is important to remember when dealing with cops in the future: They relish the fact that regular people are intimidated by police officers.

The way this conversation goes is an example of classic bullying: trying to push an obviously agitated individual even farther.

Pretty deplorable actions for an officer of the law.
Thank you Dominic. If I'm harassed by the SPD again, I'm going to use the line "I write for the Stranger" (do crappy comments count?). That may have been the only thing that saved you from assault or fraudulent arrest.
@13, i think SPOG waited to endorse until it became clearer who was going win, not before. They probably figure they already have McGinn on their side, given the mayor's foot-dragging on their behalf leading up to the consent decree. SPOG's trying to kiss up to Murray now that he's looking pretty sure to win. I hope he resists them better.
@6. What a bunch of f *****g cowards those cc's are.
@13, endorsed is different that co-opted. Murray may not do better, but you can't do much worse than pretending to do a search and choosing someone in the middle of the scandal to restructure the organization. It's horseshit, which is about all that comes out of McGinn's mouth.
Maybe it's the public access quality of the video, but this little vignette reminded me of this. Where have you gone Richard Lee?…
@11 "Where do I sign a petition to get it on a ballot as a state law?"

It costs about $250,000 to $300,000 to buy your way onto the ballot (Eyman style) the last time I checked, or a massive grass roots action that probably needs a fairly major rallying point that is a hot button item (gay marriage pro or con, marijuana).

A city ballot is probably more likely but still expensive, unless there was some sort of ultra-progressive newspaper around that was willing to advocate on the behalf of such a law designed to be a strong defense of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.
In that stance Officer Marion looks like the animated character Sid from the Ice Age movie.
Forget Twitter. Keep us updated here. This really is inexcusable.
What a stupid cop.

@ 3, you? Irate? I can't even conceive of that. You handle criticism with grace and patience that would put Gandhi to shame.

@ 1, I laughed.
Holy shit. It's all right there, recorded! If there's any justice in the world, Marion would find himself directing traffic or walking a beat in the rain for the next 5 years or assigned to keep training records at the police pistol range for the rest of his career.
@ 18, lying to police, even when you're being harassed and are completely in the right, is never a good idea. Just in case you were being serious.
I'm a middle-aged, middle-class white lady, and the next time I see the cops fucking around downtown, I'm going to whip out my phone and start taking pictures. Then I'll tell them that the Stranger sent me. I'd love to see them drag my lady librarian butt off to jail, the bullies.
That is almost the whole problem in a nutshell. We have a lower standard for police behavior than for everyone else. This is true on the street, in the paperwork, AND in the courtroom. Police officers never suffer when they get caught out in lies in reports and on the stand in the courtroom. How could they not feel immune? Sadly, in many places, if not here, a significant percentage of the public sees this a perfectly fine, as long as they aren't in the group suffering for it.
Good on you, Dom. I probably would have just lost my shit.
I think John Marion doesn't like having his picture took because he knows that from any angle, in any situation, he looks like the world's biggest tool.
Fnarf@14: his head was presumably much more appropriately scaled to the rest of his body before several cycles of steroids.

This is the dirty little secret of the modern police force: they're staffed almost entirely by recent military veterans who formed their opinions on crowd control in Fallujah, and they are nearly to a one doped to the gills on PEDs. Then of course they are given a mission that basically boils down to "keep the poor people properly cowed."

The results are altogether predictable.
@29, I <3 librarians for lots of reasons.

Go go go!

(+ my grandma was one)
Don't let go if this story or we are all fucked.
sadly, it doesn't seem like officer marion was lying. it sounded like he actually believed that it was private property, which is possibly even worse if officers don't understand the public private distinction or are being trained incorrectly.
Oh please, call the wahbulance for your shattered little ego Holden. You're an eager attention whore, and you are getting just what you wanted out of this. So are all the Stranger sycophant's showing their support for you.
@37 I'm disappointed -- the SPOG lickspittles usually show up a lot more quickly when something gets posted on here about SPD. Been too busy rubbing one out to the video to post a comment?
"His behavior represents commonplace police intimidation and harassment that many Seattle residents are subjected to every day by cops. And those cops do it with impunity. As I told Officer Marion, this behavior is why SPD is under that federal court order." The saddest part of the whole thing is this statement is absolutely true and it's sickening. I commend you for sounding the trumpet with your story. Just a suggestion, I'm pretty sure there are lots of folks with their own SPD stories and their own evidence. The Office of Accountability for SPD is a I think someone like yourself should start a blog or forum of the same title that regular citizens can start collecting real evidence against these guys that will hopefully catch patterns sooner and drive real change to the force. Enough is really enough.
Well done. I'd either be arrested or be balling/shaking. Glad someone has the composure to stand up to these bullies and follow through with the long and (most likely) unsatisfying complaint process. Thanks!
Maybe you should just lay off the cops for a while Mr Holden? The more you scream "I HAVE RIGHTS, I HAVE RIGHTS" the less some will become interested, because at that point, I get the sense that both of you creating a scene that can easily escalate out of control. Next you'll be posting stories that focus only on you and the cops having yet another confrontation, in which both of you refuse to back down.

But go ahead, get the guy reprimanded, or even fired, what could possibly go wrong?
@37: And what are you getting out of all of this? Besides aroused?
I'm guessing you might not be able to answer this but am quite curious to how you learned of the van/recording?

His inquiring as to why you were shaking is almost funny in it's brash arrogance. I was honestly shaking a tiny bit just watching the freaking video.
Why didn't you just walk away? It wasn't even a story, until you caused one.
@43: And the more you accuse Holden of narcissism- or of playing with fire- the more I get the sense that you're a passive-aggressive abuse apologist of the dullest kind.
@43: Quality concern trolling. A+.

@45: The time that the cops in Minnesota randomly decided that our drug-free car was actually smuggling drugs to Chicago (they called in drug dogs and everything), they demanded to know why I was shaking, too. I think they get off on it.
Poor guy- teenie, weenie penie syndrome if ever there was a case. WTF has happened to the SPD the past 25 years!? Once upon a time, SPD actually seemed to be a force for good in the city. Sometime in the early '90's, they turned into the mess they are today. This video was completely ridiculous; they have NOTHING better to do that get into pissing matches with civilians? 'Roid rage, indeed.
Keep up the good work Dom and Stranger Staff.
@45 Generally a pdr seeks all records related to an incident, event, or person. The pdr doesn't have to specifically name any record. It can be a blanket request for, say, all electronic files, emails, and recordings (video and audio). It's up to the receiver of the pdr to find all records.

And penalties apply if it is later discovered they did not provide all relevant records.
@46 no citizen should ever be afraid to document the public behavior of law enforcement. Ever.

Why are the cops and their apologists so worked into a tizzy over this? What Dom did was completely legal.
Thanks, that makes sense.
Remember the beer summit that Obama held between the Harvard professor and the cop? Maybe Mayor McGinn could mediate an informal discussion between you two so you could better understand one another.
Wow, what horrible customer service. Anyone we vest with authority to kill people on the street should, as a rule, be professional and calm. Yikes. Good job, Dom.
I believe the correct reply would be:"I'm a reporter. This is my beat so you have already successfully bothered me at my work!"
@#6 Do you have a web presence or have a way for people to connect and help? I really like that idea.
The female cop standing at the car echoes and encourages Marion. Before Marion does, she asks Dom where he works. And then when Dom takes out his notepad again, she says mockingly, "Wow, a notepad."

I don't think she should get off scot-free for this behavior either.
obviously the officer was being hyperbolic when he mentioned harassing Dom at work.

and how many times does Dom sling the backpack on, then off?

we lost count at seven......

goodness. what a pissy little cunt you are
@ 57, that's a good point, but Officer Marion was far and away the real instigator. The female officer was just acting like a bully's toady, and toadies are nothing on their own.
Unfortunately, he didn't deck you. You could've walked away with a few bucks to augment that $9.11 an hour you're making at The Stranger.
This happens to everyone who takes photos of cops in Seattle, and most other places too.
Cops with an attitude ,nothing new here! If the testing to be a cop and carry a gun included removing the ones that had an inferiority complex their for something to prove, we would have real 'Peace Keepers'. Sometime they do get what they deserve:…
@ 61, why do you keep coming back? This is your fourth account, at the very least. How long before you slip up and get banned again?
#64, you seem to be confusing me with someone else.

How many police beatings and murders were made possible only by the assent of toadies like her? Every last one of these fuckers needs to burn for this. For every one of abuses of power that involved a journalist, that's caught on tape, there's 500 that nobody ever gets to see.

Don't ever let this one go, Dominic. I'm not a fan of yours, but I still appreciate what you're doing on this one.
If I was running the police department, I'd give the cops who Dominic doesn't like a nice big slug of overtime to show them how absolutely angry I was with them. Nothing like an extra $5,000 or $10,000 in the bank to teach 'em a lesson.
Thank you for documenting/ reporting this. If more people hold them accountable, it will change. Unfortunately, most citizens would just walk away and be scared and take it. I do believe that's true. Also, aren't the prevalence of roids well documented? I get that there is a lot of pressure in the force and actually have a lot of compassion for the pressure cops are under. To stay human dealing with the shit they have to face day in and day out would harden even the most well-adjusted person. But they are going about it the wrong way. Maybe the Stranger can start doing some in-depth reporting around their training, etc. What is creating/perpetuating this behavior? It'd be nice to see a successful model for police conduct. Is there one? All I ever hear, in any city, are horror stories.

Thanks for the update.
To follow up on my comment #61, I bet Dominic is sorely disappointed the cops didn't deck him. And, if I were running the show in the SPD, I would use Dominic's video in training the cops, to show that some members of Seattle's media, namely the "reporters" of The Stranger, will do everything they can to bait officers into making a serious mistake. Which in this case they didn't mistake, but might have made if Holden had managed to goad them into further escalation.
@69 With any luck, you have nothing to do with SPD. They have enough defects without the likes of you.
#70, are you actually in Brooklyn? Will you let McGinn sleep in your basement once we kick his ass out of our town and back to New York?
@61, 65, 67, 69, 71:

The problem with contrarians is that they always forget to have a point of their own.
@71 Yes I am. Nope. We have plenty of our own politicians already, tyvm. Lawyers, too. Speaking of which, could you use a few more?
@ 65, I doubt that I am. Being a little more cautious this time? I bet you'll still fuck up and be banned by Thanksgiving.
@69, if you have a badge and a gun, and you are capable of being goaded into "making a serious mistake", then you are in the wrong line of work.

If anything, they should "secret shop" the police so they can weed out the loose-cannon pricks like Marion.
Oh, just ignore the troll and report it as an asshole.
And somehow the SPOG still has a problem with body cameras and mics for all beat officers.
It's only a matter of time until John Marion does some real damage to a citizen. The guy should not have a badge.
Just imagine how this asshole must act when he thinks he's not being recorded...

Go fuck off at your own paper, Bruce Ramsay.
#73, thanks for the offer, but you might want to spread the word that we have plenty of home grown underemployed attorneys as it is. And we're getting ready to send one back to where he came from.
Also #73, seeing as how you're from Brooklyn, you might want to nose around and find out why Washington State's largest union, the SEIU, which has all kinds of New York connections, decided to throw our temporary Brooklyn resident under the bus. Maybe they're planning to offer Mike McGinn a union job after he's thrown out of office? Anything to keep him out of Brooklyn, eh?
SMH....another armed, jackbooted thug threatening people. We would all be better off if at least 90% of these costumed clowns were laid off.
This, Yet Another, piece of garbage bully cop is escalating this mess. Threatening and intimidating a citizen who is legally filming the police. Actually threatening... Right there on tape in front of you.

Listen to his threats and then saying "You make sure you follow the law" giving the impression he will be watching him and will retaliate.

There's that lowest possible standard we have gotten used to here in Seattle. People should be warned who are thinking of either visiting or moving to Seattle.

These lying, abusive, suspected of being drugged up, dirty cops who we found out defrauded us all for years for a system of accountability that never existed could destroy your son, your daughter your husbands or your parents lives and get away with it.

Just this past week we have had four...FOUR different reports of local cops sexually harassing or raping women in their custody. One victim was only 14.

You think these cops are afraid of getting caught? Think again. Even though our federal investigation showed many dash came videos showing beatings of people with actual witnesses backing up these horrible beatings, NOT ONE Seattle cop has been prosecuted. Not one.

Its frightening what they have gotten away with. These pathetic little boys in men's bodies given the power over YOU and Your family with impunity.

When human FILTH gets a badge... Everyone pays.
"I have known Mr. Holden personally for many years" said Pugel the interim Seattle Police Chief who somehow had no idea we didn't have any accountability all these years..... Or he just kept his mouth shut.... You decide. Expect an announcement that he will get retraining and be back on the streets bullying and threatening the public before you know it. Like any little bully on a playground. Just pathetic.

Well over 100 Million dollars and counting due to the biggest fraud EVER committed against the citizens of Seattle and it was by Seattle's own police department.

Enjoy your children's overcrowded classrooms and all the other cuts to budgets across the board and the most aggressive ticketing campaign Seattle has ever seen.

People really need to be warned before visiting or moving to Seattle. The corruption continues and newcomers will pay the price too.
"I was been a paperboy"?
Um, Marion?

Yes, Howard?

The officer was wrong, and made what should have been a non-event into a bad situation.
It is to the point where every single Seattle cop is now somewhere in the range between Marion and Birk in my head. Until one of them speaks out against this kind of behavior publicly, I will assume them all to be arrogant assholes who don't have the public's best interest in mind.

At least King County took the right action and demoted Saulet, but I doubt that much would have happened without his hefty track record of abusing the public.
They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as truth, rather than truth as authority.
Way to go Dom! You handled that bravely and professionally.

And Matt from Denver is absolutely right. Cody the Rodeo Clown is clearly a new handle for an old troll, with 100+ posts since starting an account 9/17. He's already called the lovely Lissa a C#@t directly twice in the Seattle Dress code thread, which he absolutely high-jacked. Makes it funny to hear him talk possessively about Seattle as "our town" when he clearly hates the majority of Seattlites. Funny - if it weren't sad and pathetic. So - yeah he should be tossed already. Troll.

And what's his fixation with the pay of the Strannger's writers? In his world, money/clothes/possessions = personal worth.
Good job.
I'm pretty sure you have a strong civil, and possibly even a criminal case against him in his personal capacity. You might also have one against the governor for failing to protect you from persecution by those acting under color of state authority, if you write him/her for remediation and he/she refuses it. See this vid for an example of someone successfully doing just that:…

I hope you will not let this end here, but keep pursuing it and informing us about your progress.

To Kelly S and others who talk about "feeling protected" by the police, we better all come to understand the police are not here to protect US, but the Government. They are under no legal duty to protect any individual citizen, as confirmed by the SCOTUS.
Under the law it is the responsibility of citizens to protect ourselves.
I'm pretty sure you have a strong civil, and possibly even a criminal case against him in his personal capacity. You might also have one against the governor for failing to protect you from persecution by those acting under color of state authority, if you write him/her for remediation and he/she refuses it. See this vid for an example of someone successfully doing just that:…

I hope you will not let this end here, but keep pursuing it and informing us about your progress.

To Kelly S and others who talk about "feeling protected" by the police, we better all come to understand the police are not here to protect US, but the Government. They are under no legal duty to protect any individual citizen, as confirmed by the SCOTUS.
Under the law it is the responsibility of citizens to protect ourselves.
You know you're taking this thing just too seriously and with little perspective in regards to how law enforcement works in other parts of the world. For example a couple months ago we were pulled over by a corrupt cop in Latvia who we had to pay off to avoid getting slaughtered. Meanwhile, back home in Seattle, we're all caught up in a knot, writing an article on our mac book while sipping an espresso, about how angry we are that some cop gets a little irritated when some hipster reporter rolls up on his fixie and starts busting his balls on law enforcement protocol. It's all too familiar to be because I'm from Seattle, I read the stranger, and I know people on the hill. Chill out and write about something that actually matters.
"SPD: Better than Latvia"
Dominic, did you see this? It really put things in perspective for me:…
I'm glad there's video so we can see how derisively the officers treat you. What I find amazing is that they don't change their tone when they find out that you work for one of the city's major newspapers. I love that the picture you took were on the front page just a week later. Sometimes people get what they deserve.
You rock, Dominic!
Why was this moved up? It does not appear there is any new information, and it is certainly not a time sensitive story.

98 comments is not enough attention?
It is so stupid on their part. All they had to do is tell you what the guy was being arrested for. Then, enough said. Transparency is always better if they ever hope to build a public trust.
Dominic is the kind of person that we all went to school with, who used to go fuck with bullies bigger than him, and run to his freinds expecting backup. This is more exciting then just leaving them the fuck alone, and instead only getting up their ass when they are actually serously screwing with someone. Looks like someone never grew up.

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