Oh please let the Hitler comment be of a video of a guy in a Hitler costume pegging a guy in a Rick Santorum costume
You dream big, Forka.
I'm so glad you made it home to HUMP on your birthday, Dan! Did you remember to fuck first?

Put another candle on your birthday cake!

Muwah! xoxox
Oh please oh please oh please Bring HUMP to the Bay Area. When you tease like that it's almost cruel.
@4) Second!
@4 HUMP needs a world tour each year. HUMP London, HUMP New York, HUMP Berlin, HUMP Dubai (well maybe not that one)

anywhere the tech savvy at risk youth +/or Dan want an all-expenses-paid vacay...

based on Seattle's $23 price it should support all expenses + some local charity cause in any city that's horny for HUMP.
Most of us would get fired if we tried to watch porn at work. But over at the Stranger, they get paid to watch porn. Life really is not fair.
I say do some kind of online e-HUMPing for those of us who are so far out there not even a "World Tour" would get to us. Such a tease!
I second what nocutename said.
@8 (and road-show rooters, for that matter), the whole premise is "porn star for a night, not for a lifetime."

Anything on-line makes it too easy to capture and repost; doing it (heh) in multiple unfamiliar venues would make it easier for someone to film with a hat-cam or something.

Just resign yourself to a future Seattle vacay at about this time of year. That's my plan.

Maybe someday in the future when the NSA has captured and stored beat-off footage of each and every one of us by surreptitiously activating our laptops' webcams, we can finally let go of the porn "stigma."

Oo, oo, I know! Pre-emption! Everybody film yourself doing something embarrassing and snail-mail a DVD to the NSA! Who's with me?!
@10 I'm well aware of why my e-HUMPing idea isn't feasible...a girl can dream though!
Having attended HUMP, there is no way that it will ever leave the PacNW- too hard to control the audiences. The primary thing as an audience member is: NO ACTIVE CELL PHONES (OFF!!!), NO CAMERAS, NO RECORDERS OF ANY KIND, AND FINALLY- IF YOUR SEAT NEIGHBOR BRINGS OUT SUCH AND ANIMAL, SCREAM TO THE HEAVENS AND THE USHERS!!!! And everybody in the audience agrees and does what's asked.
Totally shut down by common interest, and it's a good thing, and something truly remarkable today. Otherwise, there will be no future HUMPS. Period.
There were several things at HUMP that I would have LOVED to get a copy of, but no such luck. If you see something you have to see again, better buy another ticket, cause once it's done, you'll never see it again.
@3 - At a certain point, there will be no room for candles without getting a larger cake and permits from the fire department. And although few of us would turn down a birthday visit by sweaty fireman, Dan and Terry don't seem to me like the types to allow that many carbs in their home.
@MacCrocodile, not true, the carb part. Dan has a penchant for day old sheet cake!…

But is it a HUNG jury?!? Oooooooooooooo zingggggg!
What was discussed on meeting Dan? do not forget to visit me at
What happens if it's a...hung jury?
What exactly can I expect at a Portland showing? I am considering the 3 pm Sunday show. Would a mature woman like to attend with me (55, sm)...

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