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"Sorry I broke Slog Silence...."

Don't apologize for stupid shit like this.
I've asked WMC for video of Lindy's acceptance speech... YAY, LINDY!!! And ditto Jen on the other nominees. UP WITH LADYPEOPLE!!!
Yay Lindy!!! She is completely deserving, and I'm so happy for her.
i couldn't be happier for her. this kicks so much ass! yay, lindy!!
Yay, Lindy!
You misspelled "womynists".
Huzzah! Lindy is a gem!
@2, thank you! I can't wait to see her acceptance speech. She gives me so much hope for the future.
Lindy for 2014 Genius in Bad-Ass-Mother-Fuckery.
I do love Lindy. And, "Halloweenness" is a word? Sorry to cut this short, but I have a limerick to compose.
Congratulations, Lindy! Well deserved!
Congratulations Lindy.
Lindy is the baddest badass The Stranger has ever produced. This is very happy news.
w00t Lindy!!

Damn, girl, just... THANK YOU for being the awesome human that you are, LINDY WEST!!!

Lovely, Lindy! (And Lovely Lindy)
Congrats to Jane Fonda for having had the honor of presenting the award to the magnificent Ms West!
Just had a conversation last night with a designer colleague. The question: why do even the best women still have paralyzing fears and watching Lindy's rape monologue I think I know a little part of it. Lindy West is the best. Congratulations.
I love a Lindy! Now where is that acceptance speech!
Problem with being an "activist" online is that you are only catering to a relatively small amount of people with a reliable and high speed internet access. Those of us who are young and in urban centers vastly overestimate how many people have access to the internet and use it regularly.

It is not so much that people are not listening, but because your message is written where they can not see it, regardless of how much of your ass is worked off. There is a reason every activist who we revere and remember eventually took it to the streets, and went far and beyond words.
Yeah, that whole rape joke thing was hugely disturbing. Lindy's video made me want to weep for humanity. I still can't believe that she could calmly read that list aloud for the video. *shudder*
Watching her conversation with Jim Norton was one of the most wilting and confusing things I've seen. The number one thing I heard people ask after watching what was "Okay, if she's not saying 'you are not allowed to make rape jokes,' what is her point? What does she want?"
Today, my heart is shaped like a candy corn Oreo. Buckets of love for Lindy West :)
strong work Lindy!
@22 I understood her main point to be, "Okay, but we reserve the right to think you're an asshole and lobby against you". Norton seemed to reject the idea of people withholding support or vocally opposing him on the basis of the jokes he made. He is okay with people being offended but thinks they should shut up about it.
I am so pleased and proud of her! She deserves this so much.
I'm disappointed. Where's misanthrope to denounce all things Lindy & all things female?
Lindy is countless types of awesome.
Lindy West is a funny writer, but my God is she a liar and a hateful human being.
@28: @30 has heard your cry and responded.

@30 Go fuck yourself.
@ 30, what does your therapist say about your projection? Is it your way of coping with your mommy issues?
Lindy West kicks ass. End of. Congratulations.
Lies: "...but the fact is that, in general, women make significantly less money than men for doing the exact same work. Full stop. It is documented. Even when you adjust for variables like education and tenure and maternity leave, women still make less."…

The truth is there is next to no wage gap once variables like experience, education, and actual hours worked are controlled for.…

You can quibble and say "She didn't say how big the residual gap is." But it is obvious to me that her intent is to mislead readers into believing that there is a significant gap for similar workers doing equal work. Not only is that not true, I have personally called her attention to it repeatedly here on Slog when she used to write for the Stranger (funny movie reviews) and in the comments on Jezebel. I can only conclude that she is a deliberate, serial liar--she has such contempt for you, her readers, that she thinks nothing of lying to you over and over for years.

Hate: "I came across this guy here via a tip about this article, which instructs *frightened little boys* on how to meet 'shy girls,'....They're just *little boys* looking for a magic spell to solve all their problems....But it'll all be okay, *little bros*. It'll be okay."…

The compassion for men really comes through, huh?

But really Judgy Bitch says it better than I can:…

@ 35, I like how you pretend to be rational and calm, but I remember all your petulant outbursts and the misogyny you've expressed. That's the real you, and that's why we don't have to jump through your hoops. We know your links are bullshit because YOU are posting them.

You're a privileged ass whose angry that anyone would dare to point that out to you. You are threatened because you have nothing of your own doing to which your position can be credited. Go peddle your bullshit somewhere else.
"Petulant outbursts" "privileged ass." Nice, you encapsulate your hypocrisy very nicely. Thanks for reading my work though!
@24, what about cancer jokes? Death jokes? Prison rape jokes? Car accident death jokes? Loss of limb jokes? Divorce jokes? Mugging jokes? Armed robbery jokes?

Like most non-comedians, Lindy hasn't thought out her "jokes that don't hurt feelings are good jokes!" philosophy.
@30, 35, 37: Just like an MRA dickweed to barge into a thread congratulating a woman for her success and try to derail it into a discussion of how much she sucks and how bad things are for men.

Ladies, I apologize for taking his bait.

Lindy, you are a fantastic human being. Keep doing what you do.
@40 in a conversation about whether to give Henry Kissinger the Nobel Peace Prize, it isn't derailing to point out that he is actually a war criminal. Likewise, in a discussion of how awesome Lindy West is, it is on-topic to point out that she is actually a hateful liar.

Lies: "According to the CDC, one in four female college students report that they've been sexually assaulted..."…

The source for the 'CDC' numbers is a Ms. Magazine study that has been widely debunked.……

Lies: "...being a woman can be scary! [...] there's always a small awareness that we are vulnerable simply because we are women."…

Here Lindy implies that women are more at risk of violence than men are. In fact men are much more likely to be victims of violence in American than women:…

That link lists rape as the exception, but when prison rape is taken into account, more men may be victims of rape each year in the U.S. than women--and many of those, repeatedly.…

If Lindy was just some ordinary person off the street, I might believe that these were not lies but mere errors. But she holds herself out to be an expert in these matters. It is her responsibility to look into the numbers. She doesn't care about the truth.
@38: In addition to being an award winning writer, and all around awesome human being, she is also a stand up comedian.
Try google some time.
@42: I know right? And the sad thing is, no matter how hard he tries to get her to pay attention to him she's never going to. He's just so unimportant, both on the Internet, and one might venture to say in real life as well.
Adversary is a nonentity. He doesn't matter, and he never will. How painful that must be for him.
@43 and yet you read me, and respond to me.

But seriously, this isn't about petty internet one-upsmanship. This is about truth, about fighting the spread of misinformation on very important issues. People like Lindy are why a young woman can get up during a presidential debate and ask "what are you going to do about the fact that women earn $.76 for every dollar a men make" and the two major-party candidates nod sagely and treat her premise as true.

People like Lindy are why, if you have a daughter, she is going to go to college terrified of a rape epidemic that doesn't exist. And if you have a son, and he should happen to make it to college despite men's poorer educational outcomes, he stands a chance of being kicked out for alleged sexual misconduct without due process.

People like Lindy are why we don't care about violence against men in this country.

People like Lindy are why Crystal Magnun, Duke rape case false accuser, doesn't get prosecuted for her crime. She goes on to nearly burn her house down with her children in it, still isn't put away, and finally stabs her boyfriend to death.

People like Lindy are why, if you should have the bad luck to have a person like this in your life, you absolutely cannot rely on the police for protection:… (Seriously. Watch the video. Then think about how terrifying it would be to have a crazy person in your house and know you can't call the police and can't lay a finger on her no matter what she does.)

Yeah, I am a little obsessive when it comes to Lindy West. She's a perfect storm of modern feminist contempt, snark, and misinformation. I'm not writing for you, the children who come at me with ad hominem attacks--you are just revealing how intellectually empty your beliefs are, which only helps me. I am writing for the lurkers. If I can cause just a few people to have doubts about the Lindy-is-awesome parade, I'm happy.

So by all means, reach into the feminist playbook. Call me a neckbearded virgin, accuse me of having a micropenis, of being a rapist, etc. I have heard it all. Oh, and don't forget to claim in the next breath that only women are ever abused in gendered terms.

Don't forget to finish it off with "feminism cares about men's problems, too!" Because I so, so believe you.
She can't hear you, Adversary. You don't matter to her.
@45 - I love you Lissa. <3
And congrats to Lindy West. I'm sad she's no longer with the Stranger (so, so sad) but I'm glad that her career has taken flight so other people can love and appreciate her.
Congrats, Lindy. You're truly one of the best things on the internet.

Except kitten videos. They're THE best.
I'm stupid proud too! I watch her go, and think how lucky I am to have been in on the fun since the beginning.

Feel free to read this while going off to fuck yourself.
Also, more positively, that's awesome for Lindy, geezum.
I'm late to the party.
Go Lindy!
Here's video of Lindy's acceptance speech—the audio is suboptimal, but this is all we've got right now, I'm bugging the WMC for a better version, but/so here!…

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