What we need is a groundswell of support and demands for a Workers' Bill Of Rights for Democrats to push at both state and federal levels. These rights should include: Higher minimum wages, mandatory dental/vision coverage for full time employees, and paid sick time.

All we have to lose is our chains.
There's no polling of tiny SeaTac on this? Anybody know how the initiative is doing?
Nice work, Goldy. The Koch brothers suck. The fact that they are involved and trying to stop us and spread more lies makes me proud of our little corner of the world.
The Freedom foundation sillies lied? were shocked! LOL
That's a good question, floater, but I don't think these organizations would be spending money to fight it if they thought it would fail.
A faux think tank is a fink tank.

Some 120,000 Swiss signatories have put their names to a petition demanding a monthly minimum wage of CHF 2,500 (€2,000) for every single member of the working adult population, reports Enough names have been collected for a government vote.

Anything less than the proposed amount would be deemed illegal, even for people working in the lowest paid jobs.…

This is US$2800 or about $33,000 a year -- minimum guaranteed wage!
Gee what cant the Koch brothers be blamed for. Global Warming, Koch Brothers. Miscarriages, Koch Brothers. Pluto being declassified as a planet, Koch Brothers. Even though the campaign against 15$ minimum wage is partly being funded by their group, lets blame the entire thing on them. Far right has no problem blaming George Soros for all sorts of BS, lets keep the mud flinging going because our political system is awesome!
@9 keep on fighting those straw men...
Little ol' Washington State must be giving the right-wingers of the country fits. Democratic governor. Check. Legalized gay marriage. Check. Legalized (recreational) marijuana. Check. GMO labeling. TBD. Non- (partisan) legislative control of re-redistricting. Check. Strong ballot initiative process. Check. Ground zero for the $15 hour minimum wage battle. Check. Vote by mail. Check. Add to all this that the state is represented in the US Senate not by one, but by two savvy (democratic) women, and I'm sure the right wingers look at Washington with a mixture of dismay and horror.

I suppose they can salve their discomfort by gleefully rubbing their hands and think of Rodney Tom's coup in the state senate. If they are truly desperate, they can generate a warm glowing feeling by reminding themselves that the state has the most regressive tax system in the country.

This isn't new. As far back as the turn of the last Century WA (home of the radical IWWW "wobblies" and the only state in which a city-wide General Strike has ever been declared) has had a reputation as a bastion of unabashed Socialism. It's not for nothing that the (probably apocryphal) statement by then-U.S. Postmaster James Farley ("there are 47 states - and the Soviet of Washington") in 1936 has continued to remain part of our local cultural lexicon.
Sorry, meant for @11...
What the report actually argued is that the unions are not providing $15 an hour FULL-TIME jobs to 26% of their employees. After all, $15 an hour full-time is what the unions seem to think constitutes a "living wage."…
Isn't this organization where "Democrat" Brian Sonnag wound up? I wonder how much they're paying him on top of the public pension he's advocating to dismantle?
I am one of the seemingly few moderates left in Seattle. The Freedom Foundation article states that "The union staff earning less than a full-time salary at the state minimum wage of $9.19 an hour are likely part-time workers. The union reports do not distinguish between part-time and full-time employment. Still, it is important to note that encouraging full-time employment is one of the stated goals of Prop. 1." Nowhere does the article claim that union workers are being paid less than $15 for each hour worked. Yet Goldy baldly asserts that "the report claims that SEIU ...pays... about 20 percent of its employees less than the state mandated $9.19!" That statement is, quite simply, a lie. Anyone reading the article with an open mind can easily see what it is and is not claiming.

Whether a $15 minimum wage will help more people than it hurts is a legitimate question, and both sides are entiteld to argue their points without the other distorting their every word and labeling them as evil morons. But while the Freedom Foundation certainly, but quite transparently, "spins' statistics to make a point, Goldy flat out lies to do so. Who is really guilty of spewing "bullshit"?
Obviously there are going fine print disclaimers in the report to prevent the FF's being sued

What is the point of the report, anyway? "See, they're not good guys!" is maybe interesting and maybe true but doesn't seem relevant to the content of the bill

there's a group explicitly devoted to promoting specific electoral and legislative outcomes and this reliably amusing high minded political species, moderacy, has come to make sure we give the group's literature a fair shake!

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