This is an excellent assessment of the situation which, in a nutshell, is - what should you believe about Dale Estey? The smiling face that says she wants a positive campaign or her supporters put our misleading and inflammatory info on Peters?

Her supporters' PAC (created just for HER) is flush with nearly $100k. What do you think they will spend that on in the weeks to come? Issues-based info on Dale Estey or more smears against Peters? That will be interesting to see.

The Stranger story from some years back about Dale Estey's work for WaMu is very telling. Yes, she was a lobbyist who wrote what she was told to write - tell the WaMu employees how to vote (which is shocking in itself) - and yet she personally supported the opposed (or you would think she did from her work on the Transit Board).

What are we to think? Wealthy people, like Steve Ballmar (and his wife) do NOT contribute to candidates who are not going to listen to what they believe is important. Dale Estey touts her large number of donors but really just 50 people contriibuted well over half of her campaign funds. Most of them are lawyer, CEOs, managing partners or people retired from those jobs and most of them supported charter schools.

It is important to think long and hard about who we put on the Board. Balance - a variety of smart people who know this district - would be the best to create dialog and consensus. I urge a vote for Sue Peters if that is your choice.
A Seattle school-board campaign is attracting $100,000 PACs? I've got to get in on this.
I remember getting her email when I was at WaMu. It was the first time anyone at the company had ever heard from her. There were so many internal complaints about the email that the executives quickly distanced themselves from it. WaMu's CEO was doing a company roadshow that week, and when asked about the email by an employee during Q & A, he said "I was out of town at the time" it went out. Needless to say, Suzanne never sent out another email like that again.

Cliff Mass writes a story about Dale Estey and wealthy individuals wanting to take over our school district. Mass links to a video of Dale -Estey telling a group of individuals that she does not know her top five contributors- which happen to be Steve and Connie Ballmer, Christopher Larson, Jeff Raikes- CFO of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Matt Griffin. Astonishing. Check out minute 10:40…

It does not appear that we should give Estey public trust.
#2 Right! For a position that only pays $4.8K a year. Wouldn't be surprised if Estey finds work for another slimy corporation.
Now this is real reporting, Ms. Minard!

This was during the very same time WaMu enacted their infamous "black list" --- or an anti-hiring/contracting list used to bar honest real estate assessors who they suspected would not OK their fraudulent RE assessments for purposes of CDOs and questionable mortgages and mortgage selling business.

(This fact surfaced during the congressional investigations into WaMu in 2008, easily accessible at the local library.)

A few years later, WaMu would fire the honorable Keysha Cooper, a senior mortgage underwriter, for refusing to OK questionable loans.…

Was there nothing too dishonest for Kerry Killinger? Guess not . . . .

Just ponder how much money could have been saved the taxpayer had an actually efficient, and much cheaper and more affordable, transportation system such as a city-wide monorail been built?
Thank you Anna. We do not need ed reformers controlling the School Board. There have been enough failed experiments from the rich boys, such as too much testing and reliance on charters. Past board members who endorse her now supported public school closures that turned out to be huge mistakes.

Sue Peters would work towards better curricula, especially in math. She knows the district well and would be a better representative for families.

Georgi Krom

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