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To be fair, Hasselbeck does make the stenographer look sane in comparison.
Is that what she was saying? All I could make out was "Baba booey! Baba booey! Baba booey!"
Wow, what a nutjob. I don't think we're persecuting them at all, but maybe we should start. Freaks.
We need a corollary to Poe's Law, where any pronouncement by Fox News hosts is indistinguishable from the Onion or any fake news show.
Haha. I decided to turn on CSPAN last night to catch that vote... I saw the woman being dragged from the floor, but could not find out any info about till now. I though she was a gallery spectator that had eluded security. Had no idea she was one of the house employees.
I wonder what Hasselbeck and Doocy would say if a muslim was up there talking about allah and freemasons?

Actually, no I don't wonder... Hasselbeck, Doocy, and the rest of those morons aren't worth wondering about.
Any word as to weather or not she's getting any help on the mental health front at this time?
She was partly right, you know. This is NOT onenationundergod, and we have the Freemasons who wrote the Constitution to thank. And Congress during the McCarthy era for adding the Undergod to the Pledge and our lucre.

If her god won't be mocked, let's see him do something about it.

You beat me to it.
@6- They'd be complaining that the terrorist hadn't been executed on TV.
Holy heck.

So while we can still say that the idiocy in Congress drove people crazy, we have to stop using it as a figure of speech.
@7, no. Fire her.
Christians are creepy.
I think the Christian martyr complex is because Christianity is founded on the concept of martyrdom -- He died for our sins! -- so being persecuted is almost a form of holiness, as if their faith and good works don't count unless everyone else is trying to keep them down. The fact that their faith is the dominant faith in the country makes it too easy, so some of them -- especially the most powerful ones who really have nothing to complain about -- look for and invent ways that they're persecuted so they can feel more like Jesus (except of course for the healing the sick, feeding the poor, and fighting the power).
Consider for a moment... she's with these people 40 hours a week. The rest of us don't see what goes on day in, day out the way she does. Maybe she knows something the rest of us don't?
FOXnoise is the go to source for 24/7 persecution of Muslims. FOX & Fiends are oblivious to irony.
You'd think Steve Douchey would have changed his name to something less mockable before going on the TV.

@16 Good point. I think that would eventually cause *me* to start speaking in tongues and hollering to Jeebus, and I've been a devout atheist since I was in grade school.
Conservatives make wild assumptions about gay people and their lifestyles, so making assumptions about what Fox News would say, seems kinda stupid. Just because they play that stupid game, doesnt mean you should.

Well, on the one hand, let's be charitable towards the poor woman. Something in her head obviously let loose with a "Patwinnngg!" That wasn't a premeditated, conscious display. At the least, it was some transient ischemic event or a drug interaction. At the worst, a full-blown psychotic episode.

On the other hand, her head was full of all that stuff that came out. That's could be a bit more of a long-term concern. As for why that stuff was in there, who knows? Maybe she was reading a Dan Brown novel the night before.

I hope she gets better. (The story I saw said Capitol Police took her to a hospital for evaluation and treatment.) I also hope she's not actually some kind of anti-masonic Christianist extremist.
I lived, worked and prayed with a bunch of loonies for 13 years that would have found her words to be right on the Lord's to-do list. Their prattle and yammer eventually made me see the light so I could flee that freak show, but...these nutjobs live and walk among us. Most just don't say anything.
@6: It's just too bad that they're elected officials with political power. While it might be fun to ignore their blather as the babblings of the insane, that fact still remains.

They should, at the very least, be regarded as dangerous, armed lunatics.
@19- Because saying gay men inevitably molest kids is exactly like saying Fox News commentators are anti-Muslim and prone to violent rhetoric...
Hats off for launching a congressional campaign and getting national coverage on the first day! This woman will win easily.
"You cannot serve two masters. Praise God, praise Jesus" Well that's two masters right there lady. The Onion needs to change nothing for that line.
@20 Thank you. I don't know what happened with that woman, but it sounded like a psychotic break to me. The response should be medical evaluation, treatment, and some compassion. Hopefully, she'll be better soon from whatever happened. This really doesn't seem like a political issue, any more than if she had fallen down and had a seizure in the House.
"Jesus, are we two people, or one?"

"We're one in the same, God. Why are the humans always asking us, er, me, that? It's not that hard."

"No kidding, guys. I mean, us. Er, me. Oh, and you, er, I, are/am human too, Jesus. Except I'm not."

I love the Freemason stuff. It's been a while since Freemasons were getting a lot of conspiracy heat. Welcome back, Masons!

Also, more mnumber 23. Tell us what they're hiding about the number 23, kooks.
@19 - And what's your excuse?
It tickles me no end that we seem to see more and more stories about religious people being treated like mental patients.
I'd love to watch someone interview this woman.
Silly stenographer, the Freemasons are controlled by the Reptilians.
If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it just may be Elisabeth Hasselbeck.
sounds like someone who is not well (mentally). even if those are similar to her true beliefs, it's unusual behavior to "go off" in such a public manner. for that reason, I feel compassion for her and the embarrassment an outburst like that can cause (e.g., see above comments). although, to be fair, I often have trouble distinguishing between mental illness and the god/jesus delusion... and I'm a psychologist.
@25, 27: As a Jew, that's what I've been wondering for YEARS. I don't understand how a religion can call itself monotheistic and yet pray to a trinity. I mean, Hinduism also has a trinity: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, embodying creation, preservation, and destruction respectively and collectively referred to as Trimurti. But despite being seen as together constituting a supreme God they're clearly separate entities in their own right, and Hinduism is wholly polytheistic, being a fusion of several earlier traditions.
I don't get it.
@34 venomlash,
It’s a mystery. If you think you understand, you don’t. So you’re good.

I don't see what's so confusing about it. Christians wanted to worship Jesus as God, so they decided God is a "trinity" of three entities. Anyone who questioned it was told to fall in line or risk not being right with God, and, once Christianity had the force of the Roman state behind it, questioners were told to fall in line or die.

Consider what happened to the followers of Arius.

And I forgot to add: Christians wanted to worship Jesus as God, but didn't want to run afoul of the Second Commandment, so they created a bunch of laughable bullshit to justify it.

Seriously, not hard to understand.
@ 34, if you really care, the difference is that the Trinity is still unified in one being. Hindus don't consider those three to be three distinct gods, not one.

Why does this work for Christians? Because with religion anything goes.
This about sums it all up nicely.
@34 It's magic; I don't have to explain it.

as a jew perhaps you can explain how monotheists can worship a gods who created man in our image?

did your gods explain this before they quit speaking to you all those thousands of years ago?
mocking the mentally ill is such good sport, right danny?

especially when we mix it with religious hatred and bigotry. right?

you're a hero, for sure.

speaking of religious bigotry, and ignorance, you recently said Mormons need to "...admit that their prophet got the gay thing wrong just like he got the black thing wrong and the polygamy thing wrong."
what prophet are you referring to?
and what 'black thing'?
and was doing polygamy wrong or was stopping polygamy wrong?
If monotheists really, REALLY believed that there was only one God, I mean only one, not theirs in particular, but everybody's, only one in the entire Universe, we'd have a lot less hate and bullshit and dickswinging among the so-called devout.

Because, if you believe there is only one God, then there can be no others, because the one and only God is all-powerful, omniscient, and fills the entire god-space. Therefore, everyone on the planet who purports to pray to one god or another, or collections thereof, must unbeknownst to themselves, be praying to that one God in one permutation or another, one imaginary costume or another, one gender or another, one aspect or another, because there aren't any others, right?

Only if you're a polytheist, and believe in the possibility of many gods, could you possibly be accusing anyone of praying to the wrong god(s), but too many Christians do it all the fucking time.

In pure monotheism, true brotherhood would be ascendant, and insecure denominations would quit trying to hit others over the head. Instead, they'd smile in the knowledge that everyone else loves the one true God just as much as they do, even if they use different names and traditions.

And if you truly believe your tradition that God created Man and imbued him with the ability to love and be respectful and caring of others, then you'd love every atheist who behaved in an ethical way, for they were an embodiment of God's creation and acting in His stead with Love, even if they aren't conscious of it and don't acknowledge God at all.

tl:dr Too fucking many hypocrites in the spiritual space.
@43, excellent comment, Brooklyn Reader.
@41: It's a pretty common and well-understood usage in Judaic scripture. The Hebrew word for "god" is "אֱלֹהָי" ("elohai"). When that word is used to refer to God specifically, it often appears as "אֱלֹהִים" ("elohim"). (The mem sofit is typically appended to pluralize masculine nouns in Hebrew.) The sense is that God is all-encompassing and that, therefore, He is "all the gods there are". Such plural noun forms appear throughout the Tanakh and the Koran, but the verb forms, when expressing an action of God, are ALWAYS singular. ALWAYS.
In short, you're not right; you're just intensely ignorant of Biblical Hebrew and Abrahamic Scripture. And you (often) claim to be a're quite ignorant of your own texts, you know.

@43: Well put. See: Baha'i, Unitarianism, etc.
The Siddur my congregation uses tends to translate a certain recurring passage in prayers along the lines of "for You have distinguished us among all nations" rather than "for You have distinguished us before all other nations".
@34 and @38 - I offer kudos for knowing about the concept of Trimurti. But as a son of Hinduism (but raised agnostic) I would offer that there is some ambiguity in the "Hindu trinity". It's not clear in my own research that Trimurti existed before Christianity and arguments exist that Brahmins simply merged the Supreme Gods as parallelism to the Christian trinity. After all, some Hindu scholars point to Jesus as simply one of the avatars of Vishnu, and are therefore happy to co-opt Christianity and other "new" religions based on their own ancient texts. So yes, while we simple humans see the 3 gods as distinct, they are manifestations of a single being. Maybe a better way to articulate is that in the physical world we can see 3 dimensions but if you only looked at the x-axis you wouldn't realize how it intersects with y and z. Anyway I enjoyed both of your comments, thanks for sharing.
I hate to dispute the oh-so-laudable Fox and Friends, but I would guess that this woman had a full-on psychotic episode, for whatever reason. I work in a mental health facility and religious ideation is VERY common. A lot of mentally ill people want to "talk to you about God, the Lord, Jesus Christ" all the time. They preach in the hallways around here, sometimes very loudly. I had one patient tell me that Satan wanted to tempt me through my phone and that I had to destroy it immediately. Another told me that she was the Virgin Mary. Apparently, for this woman, the Freemasons are trying to wrest the country away from God. She could be having a major medical (physical) issue or she could be off her meds. Either way, she needs treatment, not idiots like Hasselbeck and Doocy trying to pin a Martyred Christian medal on her chest.
So tired.

Helping the sick, feeding the poor, believing in justice for all: Clearly a socialist!


we know what we read in your scripture and we know a plural when we see it.

where have we ever claimed to be xtian?

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