The littlest Weeping Angel was PERFECT. Did you see the small girl (maybe 7) as He-Man?
Yea! Captain America... I don't know what to say. You've given me hope for the future. If a young black woman can would even think to as Captain America I feel like ... I don't know like its gonna be OK.
Everybody knows Fionna kicks ass, everybody.
I knew there was a reason I drove by a stormtrooper on Pike St. today.
I should try to volunteer next year.
The Captain America is fantastic. Though, I can't help but think that she's got too many pouches for any regular artist, and not-enough-by-half for it to be a Liefeld-inspired look.
Love the Louise.
I'm the witch, and for the record, that expression was because I was staring at the aforementioned baby Weeping Angel so he couldn't attack me. ;)

Also, the awesome Captain America is Chaka Cumberbatch (aka Princess Mentality), a big-time cosplayer and one of the panelists at the con. From what I can tell, that's one of her most well-known costumes.
I had such a great time, you guys! See you next year!
The woman playing Captain America (Chaka Cumberbatch) wrote a good piece about being a black female cosplayer a few months back:…
@11: Damn, that's awesome.

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