I hope the "Three's Company" show featuring Mr. Roper is still a go.
You know there's going to be a porn movie now that follows this plot.
Wait, I think I have it figured out. B&TEA is all about time travel. This show's premise is that you're taken back in time to when this sort of homophobic and racist sh*t was considered both acceptable and funny. The audiences just didn't get the joke.

Because surely no one at Universal Studios in 2013 would think this would be acceptable now.

Besides, we all know what a gay Superman would really look like, right?…
Who the hell would pay money to see a gay Superman? What a joke.
It's not a ride, it's part of the Haunted Halloween show that they do every year. I've been to a few of them, and they are indeed groan-inducing, but part of the fun (and a place to rest after being chased by zombies all night!). It's a non-stop assault on pop culture and topical humor. It's what you'd expect from a "bill and ted" narrative. That the show got produced in the first place is a bad thing; that they pulled the show is a good thing.

I wonder if the writing team ever considered sprinkling "magic cotton seeds" onto a black performer to turn them into a minstrel show performer? I bet the crowd would just eat that up.

Hopefully they'll come back next year with something better.
In fairness, Hollywood studio executives are psychopathically impaired, making it impossible for them to determine if something is offensive or not.
This is bogus. Everybody knows that the only thing that will turn Superman gay is Pink Kryptonite...
Oh, great. _Now_ where am I going to go for tired, stereotypical anti-gay comedy?

Phoebe? Loveschild? You two must know of a few places.
Superman has ALWAYS activated my gaydar, especially after attending some pride parades as a kid in the Bay Area in the 70s.

All in the Family dealt with the gay Superman issue in season one episode five waaaaay back in 1971.…
Bill and Ted's at Halloween Horror Nights has always been awful. Insanely tired jokes, horrible impersonations and old pop culture references. It's usually pretty sexist. They really need to rethink the entire thing.
Ben Affleck would make a pretty awesome Gay Superman.

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