If you thought that Daily Show interview with North Carolina Republican precinct chair Don Yelton might have been a fluke, apparent BuzzFeed wannabe Vocativ has published a brief history of ignorant things Yelton said on social media. It's a terrible compilation of support for George Zimmerman, denunciations of "loud mouthed bitch[es]," racism, and the usual Republican misinformation.

It's a weird time to be alive and paying attention to politics: All these comments and thoughts that were previously private have now gone public. For the most part, national politicians immediately understood that social media is not a place to say what you think, but small-scale Republicans still haven't learned that lesson. We should be ashamed that there are still Americans who think this way, but this glimpse behind previously closed doors is some kind of a blessing, too. It really hits home that these bigoted pieces of shit are all brain-stem, recoiling in fear from anyone who doesn't look and act exactly like them. There's nothing noble or proud about these people.