Goddamn hillbillies. This dillweed is from Buncombe County, where your sister and your mom are the same woman as often as not, and where the word "bunk" comes from.
thank goodness these small-minded jerks don't know better than to blab publicly.

They're outing themselves, and warning us.
Jebus Christ, I love this!

"It really hits home that these bigoted pieces of shit are all brain-stem, recoiling in fear from anyone who doesn't look and act exactly like them."

Thank you Paul.
It's a tough call.
How does a Liberal convince the inferior conservative to see the light and join the enlightened Liberal Supremacist point of view?
Call him a piece of shit?
Or another tactic?
i don't have the answers, but i'm searching in my twisted way.
I'm shocked - shocked! - to find racism going on in the South!
@4 - There is no need to convince this asshole (or you, you asshole) of anything. The likes of you and Don Yelton are of no use to anybody's political cause.
Fnarf @1: Asheville is the seat of Buncombe County. While BC certainly has its share of redneck bumpkins who think just like Yelton, it is one of the more liberal counties in NC. Asheville gives Austin a run for bluest city in reddest state. See this analysis for a realistic look:…
In the past these diatribes may have made it into a small town newspaper, but the reach now is so incredible. However, I would prefer that politicians use the power of the Internet to enlighten themselves about the real people facing challenges all over this country rather than simply learn not to mouth off.
@7, I am behind the times, and didn't realize there was a blue island in red Western NC. I apologize to any and all liberal hillbillies I have unfairly slandered. You have enough to worry about with the Don Yeltons wandering in your midst without having to put up with bigots like me. I'm sorry.

One slight correction: NC as a whole is purple, not red -- they went for Obama in 2008, and very narrowly for Romney in 2012, and one of their senators is a D (sort of), as are about a third of their representatives.
@6 Ok MacGyver,
you're the fightin kind. well i'll raise you an ace. not only am i of no use to a political cause, i'm of no use to Slog!

sorry about that, i like to engage with literature, role-play, theater, screenplays, all that - stuff that Paul Constant supposedly enjoys, HAHA. just ignore me like your Masters who write the Slog posts.
@9: you're absolutely right that NC is nowhere near as red as Texas. But the transition last year to a majority-Rethug General Assembly has been devastating to progressives and ordinary people in NC. Asheville has been central to the pushback. It's also the home to the only extant abortion clinic after Rethugs had their way with draconian new laws. Hopefully enough people have woken up to the reality of their new legislature to reverse this horrible, horrible mistake on the next ballot.

As a part-time Buncombe County resident, it *has* been very enjoyable to watch the outcry against Yelton's pathetic yet revealing Daily Show performance in the comment boards of the Asheville Citizen-Times.
Meet the new 2016 GOP frontrunner.
The racism is secondary in this story. The main revelation is that a Republican in charge finally admitted that the new voter laws are not there to fix fraud but to suppress the votes of Democrats. Why is the media ignoring that portion and focusing only on the racism? He wasn't fired because he is a racist. Christ, he was probably hired because he is a racist. He was fired because he told the truth about the voter laws.
Plus, by firing himself he clearly is discriminating against people whose second language is English.
4, If my political views were in agreement with incredibly stupid, incredibly racist, incredibly mean people, then I would begin to question those views.

Wouldn't any other reasonably intelligent American do the same?

Just sayin'.
Yep, those stupid, racist, brain-stem Republican hillbilly bigoted pieces of shit can't do anything! Except elect a Republican House, a Republican Senate and a Republican Governor in North Carolina for the first time in over a century, and as a result, elect 10 Republicans to the United States House of Representatives in 2010 even though Obama carried 6 of the 13 districts in 2008. Yep, sure glad I'm not one of those stupid, small-minded, cousin-fucking, toothless yokels! (And at least Democrats can win the Internet and that's important, too, right? Right?)
Funny to call this guy a hillbilly, when half the shit he said about black people can be heard by your typical Seattle hipster at westlake, cap hill, freemont or at the U district.

The only difference between what this guy says and believes and what your typical upper middle class Seattlite does is he has a southern accent. And I suppose his vitriol towards college students. But the racist crap is no different here in the PNW.
It's almost as entertaining to read the pathetic attempts to stir the pot on SLOG by the usual suspects as it is to watch that video (again).

I echo MarkusTaylor's question @13. Being a state Precinct Chairman and member of the GOP Executive Committee certainly *sound* like positions of access and authority.
"There's nothing noble or proud about these people."

I'm sure Repubs are very proud of "these people". It's their base.

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