Weird. Gattaca was not a thriller. Might've been a financial flop but it was pretty good. But remember when we passed GINA? The Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act prevents discrimination by health insurers and employers. It was hailed by Gattaca fans as a way of preventing Gattaca-ism. That was in 2008. (And some states still don't have antidiscrimination laws protecting gays.)

Don't copy off Wikipedia. They require British-style punctuation on all articles, even articles that their own rules say must be written in American English.
Seems irrelevant, but perfectly demonstrates how Rand Paul is just a talking box without ideas of his own. Perfect sycophant for the Koch brothers.

Is Rand Paul still supporting Ken Cuccinelli because his failed campaign demonstrates the rejection of the RNC/Tea Bag talking points? With the PAC slush funds used for personal expenses, it might be more important for the RNC/Tea Baggers to use the talking points even if it means losing. Maybe that explains the indifference and denial of poll numbers.
Rachel needs a lot explained to her...
Rand Paul is insane and stupid, which is a bad combination.
@4 So are his supporters.
@1 Fun Fact: The only person who voted against GINA was Ron Paul.
There are no nitrogenous bases of DNA that start with the letter "i".
I hate it when people describe science fiction as "weird." She probably wouldn't be saying that if she didn't know Rand Paul liked the movie.

I'm sick of conservatives ruining science fiction and fantasy by associating themselves with it. I can't even see the Ender's Game movie this weekend because I know the person behind is an extreme homophobe. Or, I could still see it, but feel slightly guilty when I buy the ticket. First world problems!
I'm no fan of Rand Paul, but I don't have any problem with him quoting the Wiki when describing the long as he's made it clear that he's talking about the movie. Maybe I'd have a problem if he was talking about the topic of eugenics in a general way and was quoting the Gattaca wiki without referencing the movie at all.

I'll tell you this though, completely unrelated to Rand Paul, Gattaca provided me with a ton of motivation during my marathon training. The line at the end "...this is how I did it, Anton. I never saved anything for the return trip!" Absolutely brilliant!
@4 So, you'd somehow rather he was a genius? Like we need some sort of mad genius Lex Luther in real life? Insane people are a problem, but saner people generally recognize them for what they are, and the nicer ones of us try to get them into treatment. But, if someone is both insane and a genius and socially aware, they can evade that detection long enough to change our world to some extent. Witness Idi Amin, Pol Pot, and any number of serial murderers.

If Rand Paul is insane, better everyone should see it reflected in his stupidity.
Gattaca is a fantastic movie. All of Andrew Niccol's films are worth seeing for Sci-Fi fans: Gattaca, Truman Show, S1m0ne, The Terminal, Lord of War. I'm actually a few films back so I'll have to check out The Host and In Time.

Rand Paul is an idiot. I don't even care what he was talking about. Rachel Maddow can on occasion be a bit daft as well.

A majority of voters in Kentucky either can't see it or are just as insane and stupid as he is. That's the problem. This stupid nutcase has no place in the U.S. Senate; send him to the House, where he belongs.
A virtual beverage for @7, barkeep!
...what did you say your name was? Mr. Adenosine?
@11 (sigh) The Host was just okay, which is a shame. The book did have the Twilightesque love triangle but it also had some great xenofiction, philosophy and takes on life on other planets. It would have been a great way for teenaged fans of the Twilight series to transition into hard science fiction, but they didn't keep any of the hard stuff for the movie.
When you can't come up with your own talking points, Wiki will do. Apparently Rand does this a lot.…

I loved Gattaca. A really underappreciated sci-fi film. Also, Paul's use of the movie would only make sense if we had selective forced abortion based on genetic profiles. Someone's personal choice to abort usually does not involve genetics except in cases of prenatal testing.
@17 And those cases of prenatal testing are usually screening for devastating, incurable diseases like Tay-Sachs, diseases in which parents who know they are carriers wouldn't dare attempt to have a child at all without the availability of the abort option. What the right-to-life idiots miss is that this is one case where the option of abortion HELPS parents to make a healthy baby.
So in Paul's libertarian view, every child needs to be born no matter what, but any governmental services that might help a family raising a special needs child should be cut as much as possible. Do I have that right?
@19: Don't start getting logical- you might make him think about what he's actually saying.

You have the libertarian and the GOP view correct. Special needs kids are moochers and takers. Paul's heroine, Ayn Rand would have them culled.
@7 FTW
@7 13 14 22
Actually, Inosine is a purine base used in tRNA for "wobble" base-pairing. Dan, however, should have called it "GAUUICA"
Rand Paul, here are some stop codons for you.
U Get Away
U Are Away
U Are Gone
The title of the movie is Gattaca with two T's, but it's presumably named after what was in the 1990s called the jumper gene, which is GATACA.
@8 Don't worry, Orson Scott Card got paid a flat rate for the rights ages ago. He won't be making any (more) money off of the film, and Lionsgate is even holding a pro-LGBT benefit screening. His book sales have been skyrocketing though...
you all have done a wonderful job attacking a good man for giving a fantastic speech, how hateful and destructive of you. be ashamed be very ashamed! Obama kills an american teenager with a drone strike and he gets a pass? is that it? and you attack people over a speech! in fact he has done everything bush has done that you disagree with! wars! killing! debt! spying! the hypocrisy! all you do is attack and attack! I'm sick of it!

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