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What, no update to hawk that new Boy Butter product that's being pitched on the Lovecast as slick like silicone but water-soluble?
Vaginal juices. Ewwwww!

Fecal matter, yummy?
The article isn't about rimming, #2.
@2 no one uses "fecal matter" as lube. False equivalency much?
I use the Sliquid booty lube and it's great but I don't think it is organic.... has a pink label but that's just not feminine...
Satin by Sliquid alllll the way, baby. Stays wet, not sticky; evaporates quickly when you're done; sexy blue packaging. My lifeblood.
@3, 4: Oh, don't start getting logical. Waste of time.
You might wanna update this, as it looks like Babeland has renamed their organic lube to Natural:…
On the other end of the spectrum, just how close to the "closest possible to a woman" kind get? What are we talking here?
@2, santorum should fulfill all your needs...
If only he could find the lube that's the closest possible to a man's fecal-lined asshole. Where's the pooey-flavored lube for all the butt sexers, America? Now that would be dee-lish!
Turned off by just a description? For someone who doesn't like vaginas, this guy a real pussy.
Oh gays. Get over your vag fears. We produce our own lubricant and it seems to be working well so far. I can't imagine why, when you consider its effectiveness, you wouldn't want a lube that's like vaginal lube.
Coconut oil? I (a straight lady) love it, it feels nothing like what I make (we call it vag-goo) and it's solid below body temp so it's easy to slather on thick, lasts long enough for us, and absorbs nicely into the skin (so no cleaning up with dawn). Only problem is that it's not condom compatible. (We use it for both vaginal sex and pegging, so I think it should work for anal)
Coconut oil!
This is an old letter, so maybe Dan's addressed it in the interim, but I am so tired of gay men saying they are disgusted by vaginas. It's not ok for gay men to say that. Why? Because straight men are disgusted by vaginas, too. Sure, they want to put their dick in one, but it is not uncommon to come across a dude who doesn't want to put his face down there. In fact, there is a general cultural vibe that vaginas are disgusting. So cut it out, gay men, you're not helping. If you are disgusted by vaginas, just shut the hell up about it.
@16, hmm... If you like receiving cunnilingus, you should walk away from any guy who isn't enthusiastic about giving it. As Dan says, oral comes standard. If you like receiving, there are lots of men who will enjoy giving.
If condoms are not in use, try what the Greeks lubed with, olive oil. It tastes good, is great for the skin anywhere, it stays slick and you only need to use a small amount. No cleanup other than a wipe with a towel, paper or cotton. I've used in on toys forever and never had any issues with it harming them. No need for extra virgin, the cheap stuff is great. To be honest, I have used it with condoms and never had a problem with the condom breaking down. Just sayin'.
@18 you can use oil based lubes with polyurethane condoms (not the polyisoprene ones though).

@1 second Boy Butter. Plus the owner / founder seems nice.

Boy Butter Original and Boy Butter Gold are not latex condom safe (some of their other products are latex safe).

@Dan & others: Babeland & Sliquid Organics are good too, though a bit sticky / can dry out. Boy Butter Invisgel keeps going like a silicone lube but without the difficulty washing off.

A friend swore by Crisco. Another uses Albolene makeup remover. Both are oil based and dissolve latex condoms. Never tried either.
If you aren't using condoms, I love love love plain coconut oil. It smells amazing, lasts forever, and is as thick as you apply it. It also soaks into the skin. Over time rather than sitting on it like olive oil, so you get nice soft skin to boot! It solidifies in. Cold weather. After using this with My boyfriend, I will never buy another lube again.also it is cheap.
Years ago I just started using Curel. It is just the right thickness, last a long time, and easy to clean. I'm not sure if it's petroleum based but frankly I never thought the miniscule increased risk of using petroleum based lube mattered much, and 12+ years into using Curel I've hd no issues whatsoever. And it's like $8 for a giant bottle that lasts a year.
Marlon Brando figured out the best anal lube technique 40 years ago. One word: butter.
16- Sorry, but gays guys and only gay guys are squicked out by vag. Men who are really straight totally love it, can't wait to rub their faces in it, lick their fingers after fingering a girl, they LOVE it! A man who doesn't love vag is gay, gay, GAY even if he is too cowardly to admit it.
I have not had luck with Sliquid. It just ... goes away. And too quickly. Like KY, but with less lubrication.
@16: I have a similar experience with the guys I've dated. I don't like receiving enough to demand it, but I hate when a guy I'm seeing feels entitled to a blow job but won't return the favor when I ask.
@23: The corollary being that any woman who doesn't love sucking dick - the feel, smell and taste of it - who doesn't positively revel in the semen - is a lesbian?
@23 I don't know. I'm straight and I'm pretty indifferent to vaginas. Not squicked out, not "totally love it". The same way that most heterosexual women feel about penises I guess.

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