It's finally over. I'll miss you Mumbles =(
This Bostonian was not so sure what was going to happen in today's election - I wouldn't have called it predictable, although maybe from way out west you saw it coming.
Yay, Team Rape and their strategy of forced reproduction scores another one in Virginia! Another own-goal, that is.

It's always whatthefuck'o'clock for the Teabastards, ain't it?
Congratulations to Ney York Shitty for trading their Fascist for a Communist, a victory for the continuation of centralized power and government control.

Same shit different package.
"Same shit different package"

Weird, that's my motto every year, just about this time, first week of November. Probably coincidence.

At least politicians give journalists a reason to believe that they're contributing to society.

The big loser this election was the Tea Party, again. Aside from the Cucci & Co. going down in Virginia, Young is trailing Byrne in Alabama's 1st Congressional district. Young was a disciple of the "Ten Commandments" judge, and an out-and-out christian fascist. He is currently losing out in the Republican primary to a Chamber of Commerce type in a closely watched contest.

This hasn't been a good night for the TeePees. That, together with the passage of marriage equality in Illinois, should make for some good schadenfreude reading over the next few days.

The Republican civil war: it's popcorn time.
We Virginians are breathing a sigh of relief. The ones in the North, at least.
Crap, spoke too soon (re: "vaginal probe" Obenshain that @3's referring too).
Hey "dnt trust me": No problem. We don't. Who would?

We've all met assholes like you before: The misfit who seeks out what they perceive as "hip hangouts" and "hipster conversations" but after arriving spends most of their time on the sidelines, watching and judging everybody...all to confirm their initial premise, "No one is hipper than me. No one. Ever."

Which probably explains all of your pointless, narcissistic, infantile "Above It All" bullshit that permeates every single one of your douchebag posts.

Save it---not interested in your response. Go tell it to someone who cares; if there actually is anyone like that in your trolling-focused life.
"Same shit different package."

You've perfectly described your own limited, confused, dumbshit blog posts, "Cascadian Bacon".

People who throw around "fascist" and "communist" the way you do are the ones most likely to actually rationalize or even devoutly defend it, if the real thing, in either case, actually emerged.

No wonder you have to troll. I wouldn't want people to know who I really was either, if my views were as childish as yours.

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