Public transportation and similar things ALWAYS look better when you don't live somewhere. I'd kill for DC's metro system, but they are always complaining about it. *shrug*
Who the fuck drinks Guinness in Portland?
I think that rain we had washed off the grunge.
The fact that Phoenix is in the top 10 makes that list's credibility void.
These people have obviously never ridden Metro before.
Third in the number of singles... yeah the odds are good but the goods are odd

Seattle has become more visit-able than livable.

It is now a theme park, entombed in green amber.
Fuck this shit. Chicago isn't even ranked? I like a lot of these cities and all, but this is some bullshit.
@6 you are a poet
Inexpensive is literally the only good thing you can say about either our Mexican or Chinese food, to be fair.
No, alas we ARE better then most cities in these categories, which scares the shit out of me.
Since Seattle in one city that lets you bike on the sidewalk, that counts as a protected bike lane, I guess.
It's livable in comparison to a more expensive city with worse public services. so maybe SF?
@6's burn has been variously attributed to Georgia Tech, MIT, and Alaska.
It's also on a list that pretends like young people can even vaguely afford living in San Francisco, so let's not treat it too seriously.
Seattle is WAY WAY WAY better than Cincinnati with regards to public transportation (and everything else). So I'd tend to agree with part.
$5.50 beer is considered a feature?!?!
@1 anticipated @5.
I prefer to describe City Light's rates as "thrifty", not "dirt cheap". That sounds vulgar.

And SPU is just plain expensive.
@8 that's just weird. Chicago would rank toward the top in most of these categories, and all-things-considered is pretty affordable.

Also, no one has ever moved to Fresno. People are born there, and sometimes leave—either by bus, or by dying. No further data is needed.

Still, cool to see some of the minutia like cost of groceries and drinks in once place.
If it weren't for the mention of Mexican food it sounds like Amsterdam, not Seattle...
These lists are put out every year and they just juggle the names around. It's classic clickbate/ vanity press tatics. Every mayor in America gets to frame some magazine's cover in his/her office with their city as #1. I remember growing up, in 97 some magizine said my town was the best city in America to live in, yet wasn't the year before or after, but boy did the mayor's office milk that for all its worth. See: any list of America's "gayest/transitiest/greenest" city.
The list can't be all wrong, it ranks Portland at #1
@22, no mention of pot, and somebody thinks Teriyaki is Chinese food. @6, I'm stealing that. I can't even figure out what Amazon people are talking about half the time.
hey, debbie downers, take a tip from @17.

seattle is light years ahead of most of the cities in this country with regards to all the things they mention.

yes, it's not SF for chinese food, but are you telling me bin tai fung & 7 stars peppers are bad?

yes, it's not tejas or neuvo mehico, but really, la carta de oaxaca is bad? everyone in the midwest is eating giant plates of melted cheese and reheated refried lard.

and at least we HAVE bike lanes and buses. ft. worth doesn't have ANY public transportation.
Cheap utilities? In PORTLAND? Thanks to the superfund cleanup, the sewer system replacement, the federal mandate to cover the drinking water reservoirs, and the botched billing system rewrite Portland has the highest water and sewer bills of any major city in the country. My water bill for the past three months was almost $300 - but my water usage has been going down!
Perhaps the Stranger could draft a least livable entry for Seattle:

Reactionary voters who overwhelmingly rejected a saint in favor of a corrupt fascist mayor, a transportation system that requires single occupancy vehicle use and criminalizes walking, bicycling and public transit, a thought crime regime where residents are forced to genuflect to a police force equipped with assault weapons, institutionalized execution of the homeless, mandatory rent increases and outlawing of teachers unions.

There, I think that just about covers it.
Probably the only time I'll agree with @7, but I enjoy Seattle a lot more now that I don't live there and only visit occasionally.
Seattle is awesome. Live somewhere else for a while and you'll understand.

Public transportation exists? It's possible to get around without a car? You can buy fresh fruit and vegetables? Seattle is a paradise.

I unfortunately had to move to Nevada. Tap water is so chlorinated it's blue, there's no culture, there's less than a 60% high school graduation date (which is important if you ever want to talk about something other than "what that bitch did"), and the most popular pastimes are cigarettes and beer (also meth). I know SPD has had it's issues too, but really- REALLY- they are super kind and respectful compared to the police here.

Seattle may not seem so great to people that live there, but that's probably just a result of living in a city where things are so great you can complain about insufficient bike lanes.
Considering it took me an hour and a half to get from the UWMC to 140th in Bellevue, I'd say fail. It shouldn't take that long to go 13 miles.
@31 Bellevue ain't Seattle, as both sides of the lake seem happy to remind each other.
Don't get out much, eh, Paul? Everything written is correct. Most places rank much worse in every category. Frick, how many thousands a year do you pay for heat?
I'm paying WAY TOO MUCH for pot, it says. Hmmmm.
I'm inclined to agree with most of the posters, Paul you need to take a road trip and start living in places like Houston and Corpus Christi. Atlanta and Kansas City also make the "liveable" list mean that the standards in the US have gotten low.

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