Yesterday, more than 150 women and families converged on Downtown Bellevue in a protest calling for comprehensive immigration reform. After occupying Washington State Republican Party headquarters, around 30 women were arrested, including, as has been widely reported, outgoing mayor Mike McGinn's wife, Peggy Lynch. Others arrested, according to a press release from immigrant rights group OneAmerica, were the executive directors of 21 Progress, Casa Latina, and the NW Network, SEIU Healthcare 99 Northwest's political director, and presidents of Washington Education Association and AFT Washington.

One GOP response? Just a healthy reminder that the only thing white Republican men think women are good for—especially badass, hardworking, civil-disobedience-committing women of color—is being sexually attractive to white Republican men. From former Washington State Republican Party chair Kirby Wilbur:

What a classy guy! Thankfully, others are capable of more polite responses than me, because I couldn't type enough expletives to adequately explain my feelings on the matter (Kirby, you forked-tongued goon). Washington CAN spokeswoman Rachael DeCruz says in a statement:

We're discouraged and appalled that the GOP's response to a powerful action geared towards raising awareness about a substantive issue resorted to sexist name-calling and degradation. Representatives McMorris Rodgers and Herrera-Beutler should be ashamed that this is the response that Washington women received from former GOP leadership, and should stand up and support women regardless of party or issue.

While OneAmerica founder and former director Pramila Jayapal replied directly to Wilbur's tweet:

No wonder indeed. Good luck winning that growing crusty old white male vote—that population is swelling in this country, right Kirby? (We've reached out to him for comment.)