You remember last week when former state GOP chair called a group of women immigration protesters "left wing witches and hags" who "look so old and ugly"?

Well, I asked Wilbur, who is no longer the head of the state's Republican Party and now lives in Virginia working for a young conservatives foundation, if he would like to respond to the allegations by groups who hosted the protest that his tweet was "sexist name-calling and degradation."

He answered by e-mail (bolds are mine):

No. I live 3000 miles away, am not a Washingtonian, speak only for myself and their reaction says more than I ever could. This isn't news and that they are somehow trying to make it so says a lot. News is, say, how many Washingtonians are losing their insurance coverage because of Obamacare, or how the press never calls lefties to task for calling those on the right racist or sexist, or rants about the non-existent war on women, or the meaning of Jan Angel's state Senate victory. By the way, ask these 'offended' women if they supported their sister in that race.

Meanwhile, Washington State GOP spokesman Keith Schipper tells the Seattle Times that "the ghost of Kirby Wilbur has no influence on the Washington State Republican Party any more."