Yesterday, I told you that Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll was going to be answering questions on Twitter this morning. It turned out to be quite a spectacle. Driscoll answered a few sincere questions from his flock, even though his answers weren't always coherent:

Very good Twitter user Jake Dockter kept a tally of all of Driscoll's responses based on the gender of the questioner and the subject of the question. The results are just about what you figure they'd be: biased way toward men and focusing especially on "quirky" questions about pop culture or financial success. Driscoll, after all, made his fame as the hip preacher who lured people in with rock music and the glamour of prosperity before dropping the boom with his hateful homophobia and his creepy need to see women subjugated and silenced.

The best questions, though, are the ones that Pastor Mark completely ignored. After the jump, you'll find a sampling.

Only one or two of the questions from non-Mars Hill attendees were answered, including this one, with a patented Pastor Mark "zany zinger™" thrown in:

The article that Driscoll links to is an interesting one, because it says that most of the Old Testament rules people like to mock Christians over don't matter anymore, as they're not part of the new covenant made by Jesus in the New Testament. Driscoll acknowledges that the rules against homosexuality are in the old covenant, but he implies—never states outright—that the rule against homosexuality is a "moral law," like the Ten Commandments, which is why it carries over from the old covenant to the new. There's no evidence to prove this. Jesus never said anything about homosexuality, which means that Driscoll is simply asking us to trust his interpretation of which Old Testament rules still matter. The arrogance of that statement coming from a man who calls himself Christian is, simply, astonishing.

And of course, the parody account @fakedriscoll answered questions this morning, too:

But the real hero of the morning was The Stranger's own Megan Seling, who unleashed the Kraken in a very funny tirade that proved yet again why she's one of my favorite human beings. (Read up from the bottom of each individual screenshot.)




I'm sure some of you don't think this exercise was helpful, or even consider it to be hurtful to the anti-Mars Hill cause. Respectfully, you're wrong. Mischief-making is one of the most important things a citizen can do to voice their displeasure toward something they consider to be wrong. This country was founded by mischief-makers. Mars Hill is a big, powerful force in Seattle, and many people consider them to be a regressive, harmful influence on the citywide conversation. All an ordinary person has is their voice, and a whole lot of ordinary people decided to use their voices today, to speak out against something that they believe to be wrong. The fact that they did, and that their voices were heard, is something to be celebrated.