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Don't the prizes rather defeat the purpose of the event? Of course, that could depend in part on whether there is a judging panel or if it's entirely decided by the audience.
Man, that would be a great location for a Shake Shack.
Oh my, I loved far too many of them. The two with the party crowds of women were absolutely beautiful. Tran am was both pretty and a little funny. I thought the one with the two pretty young guys was cute, and it's loop appealed to my higher sensibilities. Best sex should be the masturbation one, or one of the party ones. Kink hands down should be the fire one, though the ropes looked like a whole lot of fun. And as for best humor... there were just too many good ones. I put down John Harding, because it was sweet. Though I would be just as happy if the bowling add won.
Best in show is absolutely impossible to chose. I put one down, but thought so hard I can't remember which one I chose.
To the star of Anal Alley, I just want to say, "Well done! Seriously, damn!"

The fire play film was amazing. It was not just aesthetically beautiful but humanly intimately beautiful. Loved it.

Lots of hot/interesting/beautiful queer films. So much awesome.

And happily, no Listerine poured into assholes this year.
Thanks to the crew behind Anal Alley! The film was fantastic, and we really enjoyed meeting some of you. Sorry we missed you at Bearacuda later on, it would have been great to see more of you. -- Scott & Jay fr
VT (
I think this year was my favorite so far. All the films seemed truly home made and so many were funny, funny, funny! And sweet. And intimate. It was so hard to pick, but His, and the fire play were probably my favorite. And I really wanted to go to that house party with all the women. :)
Can't wait for next year!
HUMP was so much fun this year!

But my big question is I need the names of the songs from "Art Primo"!! I thought I had written it down, but I tried to read my handwriting and it was a mess. I needed my shazaam app but like a good person my phone was shut off. Help please!
My hub and I had so much fun. And it felt unfair to pick one for best when they were all so great. Most notably Gabe Harding, Anal Alley, Mouthpiece and Beethoven were all so incredibly funny; how could I pick one to be best humor???

And for kink, His was wonderfully made, but Fun with Fire was intimate and sweet and delightful. Impossible to choose one over the other.

Thank you to all who made films - they were a joy to watch! (Even the baffling ones!)
The songs in the Art Primo film were as follows:

I Love You for All Seasons
by The Fuzz

As Long As I've Got You
by The Charmels

That movie got my panties wet.
As much as the fireplay scene was great, sweet and so honest, I think the Dolls piece should get best Kink... so perverted and weird!! It was awesome. Unforch I don't think it will win. :(

My unofficial polling at the post-Hump party I went to suggests that either the very first one about the über-fluffer, or the musical-genitalia one might get best Humor. Those were so good!

Best sex should probably be the masturbation scene with all the hands, very sexy and hot.

And I think there is only one choice for Best in Show: the spoken-word piece that sent erotic chills down your spine. Good lord that was amazing!!
@9 I LOVE YOU ANNIE!!! And yeah, that was hot. My vote for BOS.
I liked "me time" the best. highly erotic and imaginative. her smile at the end sealed it.
@Treacle, that was "Fuck" and it was amazing! It was my vote for best in show.

My favorite comedy was the trans flight attendant bit (Trans-Am maybe?). I can't remember the name of the one I voted best sex, but it was shown in reverse with an adorable gay couple and a great song. So hot. For best kink I had a hard time choosing between "His" and the fire-play one. "Daddy's Dolls" freaked me out. I couldn't even get a weird girl-boner for it, and I tried! I kept having to remind myself that their kink is not my kink, but their kink is okay. I would've liked to have seen more done with the blood play, and less hitting in the face. Also, the wine bath just didn't seem to add anything. *shrugs* All in all, it was an amazing show. I can't wait to see the results!
I loved the fire play one and His, but I agree that the Daddy's Dolls one was a little much for my personal taste. And I voted "Fuck" for best in show - it was incredible.

The Humor submissions were so hard to choose from. I was torn between Gabe Harding and Mouthpiece but I went with the latter, and when I asked around it seemed like those two and "Beethoven's Fuck" were the most popular humor submissions. The novelty of Mouthpiece being made by an Ivy League marching band tipped the scales for me and the main girl was beautiful.
Ourobouros got my vote for best in show. Clever, well shot, great editing and good music. Speaking of music - there was an instrumental/electronic track in the second half of Tran Am: Laid Over that I totally dug. But of course, I couldn't Shazam it. Is there anyone, anywhere that knows what the song was?

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