At City Hall on Friday night, Conlin said it’s not alarming to have a Socialist on the Seattle City Council because “when we think of socialism, we think of Sweden, and that's a pretty good model."
The thing that bothers me about this comment is that we in America never think of the 2008 bailout of the entire financial system as socialism. And yet the whole sad business cannot go under any other name than socialism. Simply because the major newspapers did not use the world "nationalization" doesn't mean the American banking system and stock markets were never nationalized. We must not look to Sweden to see socialism at work. The system is not foreign but right in front of your nose, if you visit your bank's website or ATM or teller. It's not a matter of capitalism or socialism (I refer you to the stupid Forbes post). Socialism is always the state of things. The question is, then: What kind of socialism? Kshama Sawant represents democratic socialism and Chase does not.