How so"
"Blow" is wonky? Like policy-nerds talk about "blow"?
Of course I agree that it is a clever headline.
Hmmm. This is very unpatriotic of the BBC to abandon the great British tradition of shoehorning as many short nouns into headlines as possible, as seen in the classic 'Slough Sausage Choke Baby Death Woman Jailed'.

I propose that the BBC punish the headline writer and change the headline to something like 'Crack Drug Mayor Ford Power Strip Shove Storm'.
Crack in Fords armor cranks up pressure, foes aLUDE to more dopey horse oxy meth
@1 "Wonky" used to mean "a bit off, not quite right"; how that became the noun wonk as in policy wonk, I know not, but have my suspicions.
@5 - And any time someone here tries to use that definition of "wonky" some commenter will invariably wonder what's so "off" or "not quite right" about it. It's an unusable word, might as well give up.
I love a good wonk-eye, what Burgess calls the "slight venereal strabismus".
Isn't "blow" British slang for weed, though?
Gotta love Brit wit.

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