I admit her background sounds impressive, but the header picture on her website makes me think of the woman president from Battlestar Galactica.
Laurent's website is clean and such, and certainly she is qualified for the job. She also knows, clearly, what a Party Chair's foremost concern is. Laurent wants to, "deploy the most advanced innovations, like micro-targeting, the application of cutting-edge research and evaluation techniques," to guide Party fundraising efforts. Further, she promises to:

...leverage our grassroots activists and elected officials at all levels, implement multi-channel fundraising drives proven to increase returns, augment our direct mail outreach with a robust and cutting edge email program, and revitalize traditional Party events to set a new standard in first-class fundraising.
[emphasis hers]

Electing more progressive will help. Given the partisan character of the State (not many true "swing" districts), however, I wonder about the magical qualities micro-targeting, improved 'direct mail' and 'email' programs, and the like (cause, you know, people are clamoring for more email).

There is a pathetic lack of caucus consciousness/solidarity among the urban legislators. Given the taxes remitted within the urban core, it should made quite clear that certain urban service needs must be met if the show is to go on. At all.

Cue Latisha Baines Johnson?
By far the most important qualification for state chair of any political party is the ability to raise money, big money. If they are not good a fundraising, other qualifications are ultimately meaningless.
Nice try Goldy. Dana Laurent led the historically awful IE last month that failed to elect Schlicher. She's never worked on or managed anything higher than a local campaign. There's no way she has the experience to be state party chair.
@2 -- Unlike the other Washington, this Washington is chock full of swing and/or swingable seats. That's one reason - not the only reason - that caucus solidarity is sometimes disappointing.
Dana is extraordinarily well-qualified and driven. I'm thrilled she's in the race! And the part about the fact that she's, well, a woman and that's important in this current political climate? Yes, it matters. On this "progressive" blog, the FIRST comment on this post is about her appearance, but hopefully we'll engage in meaningful conversation about the kinds of impact Dana can make if she becomes chair.
Love Dana. She recruited me as a PCO in the 36th way back. I would be very excited to see her get this gig.
What will she - or any of these other candidates - do to stop Washington's slow slide into Republicanism? We lost the State Senate and nearly lost the governor's race. We aren't turning the purple districts and counties blue. The next chair has to stop the bleeding and turn the ship around or else we will become the next Wisconsin.
The latest crush from Goldy.
@2: Sounds like she wants to take the same data-driven approach to fundraising that the Obama campaign took in 2012. It's not about more email, it's about sending better email, preferably with design and language that gets A/B tested to find more effective approaches.

I'm not surprised she's talking about it because the national pro-choice organizations have been using the Obama campaign's techniques (and people) to great success.
#8: We nearly lost the governor's race? You really are a special kind of stupid, aren't you?
is this the idiot that spent tens of thousands on a murray win, while jan angel squeaked out a win v. the democratic opponent?

if so, this idiot should fry in hell, and not be allowed anywhere near politics.

dumbest. fucking. move. ever.
@7 Dana recruited me as PCO as well. I can't think of someone better for State Party Chair. She would be fantastic!
What are Dana's positions on K-12 education?

Some of her supporters and the organizations she's been involved with, are eh, "leaders" within the odious, so-called "Education Reform" movement, A.K.A "Privatization Mafia" or Corporate Control of Public Education.

I think all of us, citizens, party members, and members of the media, need to really grill her on this. Pelz was a major loser in this regard, bringing the vile, phony-baloney "Manchurian Candidate" Cory "Kowtow To Wall Street" Booker as the KEYNOTE SPEAKER to the 2008 State Convention!?!?!

Pelz then went on to endorse the Privatizer Stealth Pawn, Suzanne Estey and her billionaire backed, right-wing tinged attack ads.

If Dana Laurent is reading this maybe she can tell us if she supports the growing movement for an outright repeal and/or non-funding of the mendacious and destructive I-1240, which Washington State Democrats rejected 500 to 0---yes, Five Hundred to ZERO---in a vote taken in September 2012.

Dana, anyone?
I'm interested in knowing about Laurent's involvement with an IE. Generally speaking, I've found IE to be incredibly irresponsible. We need representatives with integrity; not just individuals that can recruit PCOS.

I also share concerns with Pissed in the 36th! I've not always found FUSE to be progressive. FUSE was willing to support charter schools, which are intended to break unions and silence the voices of voters, which is NOT cool.

Agree w @12, @14, @15. Progressive shouldn't be in name only. This year should've been about electing Dems to the Senate, not a pissing match for Seattle mayor. Planned Parenthood fucked up. Meanwhile FUSE has a long history of mealy-mouthed endorsements. Dems need to do better than Dwight and Dana.

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