I don't see why the hard-earned dollars people donate to the Republican Party ought to be used to subsidize Hutchison's lifestyle. Loyal party members shouldn't have to pay for her bad decisions. Like being born a woman. If she keeps making these unreasonable demands, how am I going to afford my house in Italy?
Will the last one in the Washington State GOP please move to Idaho?
So, lessee. Someone (let's call her li'l Susie) is warned over and over that person/church/party X is/are a bunch of bigoted SOBs, and they're no good. But Susie discounts these warnings as just grumblings from the usual malcontents. Due to her superior charm and brains Susie can get what she wants from X just by treating them the right way (maybe because manipulation has always worked for her before.)

Then time passes and she is shocked to discover that person/church/party X really is/are a pack of no good SOBs. Except that now li'l Susie's one of the SOBs too.
It's almost like social conservatives hate women or something...
That money was just resting in my account.
In order switch parties, she'd have to change her beliefs about a whole bunch of stuff first.
true @6
I wouldn't want her to switch parties to an existing one. Her name, associated with the Democratic Party or the Green Party, would be toxic. File suit, quit, start a new party. Better yet, just go away.
@ 6, not reallt. Especially if you listen to some of our more left commentators.
* really
Color me not really caring about this particular hack. I think $75K is more than she's worth. And it's not because she's a woman either.
She should quit and file suit, but not switch parties. She's not welcomed anywhere else.
I think she's worth about $10.50. She's a nasty, typical Republican. They take bigoted, racist, mean spirited positions until a member of their family or themselves become the victim. Then they raise a ruckus. That's what happens with people who lack compassion. Fuck her!
*sniff sniff cry* Maybe it's my ethnic heritage, but I just don't understand all the kvetching about why witches and hags are considered bad. *sniff sniff cry baby*
I think she should do nothing. Why waste a good petard?
@1: Being born a woman isn't a choice, asshole.
The Republican Party, where hypocrisy knows no bounds, at every level.
When it comes down to brass tacks, Republicans want the same protections and privileges and government assistance that liberals do, the only difference is Republicans only want it themselves. I think the major substantive characteristic of a conservative is a lack of empathy.
@15: of all the people to have their sarcasm detector fail...
@18: Thank you for allowing me to use this image.
@15, really? You weren't able to tell that @1 was being facetious, a parody of the conservative position? Do you have no sense of humor, irony, or sarcasm?
@20: And this.
The party had a vote to lower the salary before Hutch was given the job. She's not being paid less because she's a woman, she's being paid less because they're a bunch of tightwads. However, it's not clear (from the Seattle Times article) whether she was pretty much the only contender for the job, so they knew when they were voting that a woman was going to get the job and should be paid less.
The worst revenge would be Hutchison leading the Washington GOP to the best of her abilities.
Whoever is elected Chair of the State Dems won't be paid as much as Dwight either, just saying.

Maybe I'll wait until everyone else leaves, like Nixon in 1962, and then whoosh. It becomes the Bailo Party.
I love when Republicans suddenly have a gay child, need an abortion, get caught using drugs, or find themselves discriminated against and suddenly discover a problem with a narrow part of their platform but don't examine the rest of it
@venomlash: You are quite the cornswaggler of dunderpates.
Switching parties will just make her a Blue Dog, not a progressive.
Wilbur was kind of a media diva and probably made good money doing that. What was the person before Wilbur making ?

That's very funny.
Even clever, witty.

Where'd you get it?
@29: Why does that fucking matter?
I'll be more than happy to include a note in my next donation advocating a raise for Susan.
Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.
@29 So was Hutchinson. She was a local news talking-hairdo, remember?
A woman who is the victim of gender discrimination doesn't stop being a victim because she's a prominent Republican, people. Maybe you should try living up to your ideals more.
@35: Yes, because nobody's speaking out for bullshit but you.
@ 38, if you have nothing to say, then say nothing.
As much as I love to take digs at republicans, the article mentions that the pay cut was enacted before she was elected.
When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.
Shorter WA GOP: "Welcome to your new position as Leader of the State Party Organization, Susan. NOW, STFU AND MAKES US SOME SANDWICHES!"
@33 & @41 - my feelings exactly. I have zero sympathy for people who lay down with their obvious enemy and are surprised when they get hurt.
The problem is that republicans only care about or notice a problem when it relates to them personally. As elected representatives, they should reflect either the will of the people or something better based on their greater knowledge of a subject. Republicans are fine with women having less rights, this lady should get with the program of her party.
@7 "File suit, quit, start a new party."

Oooh I love that one. Yes, please, Ms Hutchinson ! A new party carved out of the carcass of the GOP ! Lovely !
@21, the word is "hornswoggle", you feckless aberrant.
@35, 36 The schadenfreude surrounding the self hoisting by Hutchison's own petard does not preclude championing the ideal of equal pay, any more than than declaring her work product would not be worth any amount of renumeration does.

@17 "I think the major substantive characteristic of a conservative is a lack of empathy."

It's a shame that they've pretty much redefined it to that, isn't it. It seems that another big one is reducing multifaceted, nuanced issues to unworkably reality-warping simplicism. (See above)
35, logic fail.

she worked hard to create the situation she found herself in.

also, us lefties will not stop advocating for equal pay between the genders. this situation changes nothing. the republican party will continue to work for inequal pay. there's nothing we can do in this situation besides pointing out the hypocrisy loud & clear, so as to alert any future Hutchinson's how empty and self-defeating it is to work for the conservatives.
As others have said, it doesn't really matter who she works for (even IMHO if it is Evil Inc.), the point is equal work means equal pay, or at least it should. If you only apply justice to those you sympathize with, the system is screwed.

@46 - No! You're just walking into another one of his diabolical traps!
@46: Oh all right, you can have this image.
I think she should just call in sick when she wants to take her family on vacation.
¿ʎɐʍʎuɐ 'uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ɟɟnʇs ǝdʎʇ noʎ op ʍoH
I am strangely compelled by the nature of this conversation to point out that the phrase is "turn for the worse."
@54 - NOOOOOO! Can't you people see what he's doing to you? Oh god, why won't anyone listen to me?

To be fair, it's damn hard these days to tell the difference between genuine Republican belief and satire/sarcasm.

Where'd I get it? Your mom, obviously.
@35, 36 - If I didn't know you both, I'd say you were concern trolling.
@ 48, would you say the same thing if she had been raped? The logic failure isn't with me.

Well, would YOU have said the same thing if she were Hitler's mother trying to feed her kids?
@ 58, hopefully since you do know us, you might consider what we're saying.
Gender is a choice, people!
@61: I don't think persons essentially describing the parable of the Frog and the Scorpion seriously believe she deserves to be paid less than the other asshole politicians.
@ 63, some comments may be fairly described as that. Since those people aren't guilty of what I observed @ 35, my comment @ 35 didn't apply to them, which I would hope they know. I certainly don't take general critical comments to heart when I know I didn't do whatever is being criticized.
Maybe they cut the salary because there's less donations coming in? After all, who would give money to the GOP?
This all reminds me of a joke a friend used to tell about the reasons that we should elect a woman president: the main one being that we wouldn't have to pay her as much.
Susan is a great improvement over her predecessor. I have no doubt that her pay will rise based on her accomplishments in the job, which is as she wanted.

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