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Feeling a little bad for Bill as no one has posted yet. But, still don't care enough to remember my slog password and comment under my name.
Looking forward to that Eagles-Bears game.
Bears suck.
@3 Like I said. Fuck. @Goldy: Like I said. Also, at least in Chicago, we don't boo Santa. We might indict him if he's an alderman, but no booing.
Cubs too.
Philadelphia definitely has the dumbest and shittiest fans on the planet, but the Bears do kind of suck this year. Injury bug hit them pretty hard though, but it is hard to excuse such poor run defense

Hell, they could not even beat my beloved Redskins, and the Skins really fucking suck this year.

Sports sports sports sports sports sports sports sports!
And Northwestern has never made the NCAA tourney. No other BCS school can say that. Congrats!
Can't figure out who/what LBW is. Loud Bar... something?
@8 Latest Bruno's Wisdom. Read from bottom up. Like the Bishop said to the Actress.
@Doug: I am a graduate of Loyola, only Illinois university to win NCAA BB championship, so fuck off too. And Cubs suck, yes.
Yeah we'll boo Santa, he was a drunk slob. And we'll throw snowballs at you, too. But I totally took off my Jackson jersey tonight to put on my Wilson shirt. Go, other big birds!
What a stupid, boring sport.
Leg Before Wicket?
descending order of confidence the seahawks can beat the AFC champ: KC, NE, Denver. But sweetest would be Denver.
@12: How's that?
Richard Sherman will make you eat your money!
@9: I'm a UCLA grad. So fuck you times eleven.
2/3 of the stadium was empty at the end.

Way to show them the full .... 45.

Well, I was downtown around 1 o'clock this afternoon and saw a lot of people in Seahawks gear already in the area, so for many people it was a long day in the cold. (Guess they don't have to worry about jobs, though.)
Opinions of AFC supremacy this year are born of 2 things - east coast bias, navel gazing, myopic sports media who can't stop their little Eastern Time Zone coffee klatch long enough to be knowledgeable about the entire sport, and the Peyton Manning media blowjob that is now in a record 9th year. The guy is a future hall of famer, but at this point, there's got to be a reason he only has one ring.

But if the rest of the league wants to keep sleeping on the Seahawks, fine.

It was the weather. It was a "bad night" for the Saints. It was the Seahawks "getting hot at the right time." It was luck.
@20, completely agree. I don't think NE, KC and Denver are having particularly good years or that Seattle isn't grinding out tough wins with defense. Last night will be notched up to NO being a dome team. Respect will only come after the last game of the year. If the officiating crew is like Stealers Bowl, I'm done watching NFL.
I'm from Boston, and a general Pat's booster. The AFC consists of Denver (and maybe Cincinnati), and everyone else. NE, KC and IND are all weak teams with good records and lucky endings. By most sabermetric measures, the NFC is a much stronger conference, with at least 5 teams (SEA, CAR, NO, SF, PHI) comparable to (or better than) Denver.

I wouldn't bet against the NFC team this year (unless the odds were really good)
@22: Kansas City is not a weak team, and neither is New England. Paper is paper, but games are played on grass. New England's roster looks very mediocre, but with the great coaching and Brady's ability to stay in games, you have to admit it is a hard team to beat.

Philadelphia is not even close to any of those teams you mentioned. They are on a hot streak now, but have lost games against worse opponents, and have been extremely streaky on both sides of the ball. We also have to keep in mind that Philly is operating on a last place schedule this year, since they ended in the NFC East basement in 2012.

Frankly I think the AFC and NFC are more balanced this yer than perhaps I have ever seen them. They both have a handful of dominant teams, and a handful of stinkers.
I've always been appalled by things that my older brother is interested inโ€”baseball, football, ladies. Our heartbroken (and now sainted) mother founded PFSGISGS* to offer support to other parents with children like Billy.

* Parents and Friends of Straight Guys Into Straight Guy Stuff
@Dan: Oh, that explains all those monochromantic/non-rainbow flags Mom was buying late in her life. I was wondering. . . . PFSSGISGS! Sounds like a bottled beer being opened with an eye socket.
@ Doug, OK, you win. UCLA, blahblahblah. Good thing Loyola helped integrate the game so Wooden could recruit Lew Alcindor.
@24: Hey now, football is kind of gay. All those sweaty dudes in tight pants piling on each other. It can really get to them:……

Also, last Sunday vernon Davis got tackled by being pulled down by his dick. Though that is more funny than sexy.
"Saints have former Bear QB, or one with similar name, ready to come into the game. This is beyond surrender. Any QB too shitty to play for the Bears should just be put out to pasture as a high-school coach somewhere."

The former Bears QB/high school coach is Josh McCown, AKA the Bears' current starting QB. The Saints backup is his brother, Luke.
@15: I appreciate that! I'll return the favor:
@ 23, KC is a weak team. I've seen the games.
@27: Josh McCown has actually done an amazing job this year (for a career backup). Honestly, he is kind of playing better than Cutler did. I was very impressed when he came in during the Redskins game and if anything, the offense got better.

I guess being an NFL QB for 11 years can teach you a thing or two about the game. Never seen Luke play though.
Cutler is way overrated. McDaniels running him out of Denver was both a warning sign of the coming havoc he would wreak AND the best thing he did for the Broncos.
As an aside, I kind of miss venomlash's spirited attempts at pro-Bears trash talk.
@29: Every team has weaknesses, but teams that go 9-3 are not weak teams, period. They are on a three week slide, but two of those games have been against the Denver Mannings, possibly the hardest team to beat this year (definitely in the AFC).

The Chargers record might not show it, but they are a tough, well balanced team, and Rivers can torch you if you let him.

They have not had the hardest schedule, but in today's NFL, any team that is 9-3 is not a weak team.
Let me clip and paste what I wrote on the other thread. Just in case you read it there and are tempted to answer there. Might as well keep this on one thread.

@Theodore, after witnessing both of their games against Denver I have to disagree about KC's defense. Their pass rush was ineffective against a good but not stellar offensive line, and they never sacked Manning in either game. I understand that they're down some secondary starters, and Manning made them pay over and over on Sunday. Now that could be that it's just Manning and Denver's offense (still tops in the league I believe), but they also lost to San Diego. The Chargers aren't terrible but they are the kind of team the Chiefs had no trouble with earlier in the season.

Not a weak team? How about overrated, or having a record that doesn't really reflect their overall power. Nobody ever rated them #1 on a power ranking that I saw, even when they were the last undefeated team. They're more of a 7-5 team if they played a more competitive schedule.
I saw your answer on the other thread. No, Denver's O line is not "well" above average. We're down our best tackle and our center has never played that position before. He's good as it the new LT but not great. They're good, but a truly top defense should have done to Manning what New England did. And they did not. Many supposedly lesser defenses put more pressure on him this season than KC did, even in their own intimidating stadium.
Shouldn't forget the 49ers are 3 point favorites this week, and are going to test the run defense. They are finally finding their game.

Philly are going to win their division, but they are pretty thin.
@35: I guess what I am trying to say is that you can not judge a team based on how they play one of the best teams in the league and discount all other games.

We can guess all day about how they would be with another schedule. On the flip side, they would likely be 11-1 if they did not have to play Denver twice. The speculations are kind of pointless. Keep in mind also that in both of those games, Kansas City came very close to victory, closer than most teams have, even with their D playing worse than they had all year.

Denver's O line has been one of the best in the league this year, regardless of how they look on paper. On grass, they are doing great, and that is what matters. Power rankings are silly nonsense that no one should pay real attention to. Power rankings exist to generate page views, nothing more.

We are just going to have to agree to disagree here, I think.

@36: Don't count out the Cowboys. They are a better all around team than Philly, and Philly has been hot and cold all year. Plus, they already have the lead on Philly with the tiebreaker. My gut says the Cowboys will take the NFC East (oh, it pains my heart to say), but not by much. Luckily they will choke in the first game and get booted out early.
@25: In 1947, John Wooden pretty much single-handedly integrated postseason college basketball while coach at Indiana State University by refusing to play in a tournament that banned African American players. The ban was lifted the following year.

And former UCLA basketball star Jackie Robinson (class of 1941) had retired from Major League Baseball by the time Loyola University fielded their all-black lineup in 1962.

Loyola helped integrate a game that was already on a road to integration paved by both UCLA and John Wooden.
@35: I will add though, if Kansas City loses to my beloved Redskins coming up, I will officially declare you correct, as any team that figures out how to get beaten by the 2013 Skins has to be weak.

Because my team suuuuuuuuuucks.

Will you guys please take Mike Shanahan back? Please? That guy is a cancer. A red faced cancer.
@ 37, I guess so.

BTW I just found something in the Music section saying Megan Seling is leaving, which I don't think they announced in Slog. (It was published Nov. 20.) So can you handle hockey coverage too?
@ 39, I totally agree about Shanahan. There was long talk about his inflated sense of his own genius and his desperate desire to prove it by winning another Super Bowl, but the way he handled RGIII in last year's playoffs proved it beyond a doubt. He's a menace to quarterbacks.

He still lives in Denver during the offseason. Owns a fancy steakhouse and all that. That's close enough. I hope Elway doesn't give him a job somewhere down the line...
Here's a hockey story for ya. It's about a possible Seattle NHL expansion.…
@40/41: I learn quick, I got no problem with hockey.

You nailed Shanahan right on the head. His ego is too big to give control of any aspect of the team to others, even areas he is weak in like scouting, drafting, and defense. He believes firmly in nepotism, and only surrounds himself with yes men.

He also has a history of not caring about the health of his players, and it was on full display with Griffin in the Seattle game (although Griffin deserves some blame there too), and now when he refuses to upgrade our O-line to keep the kid upright. Our O-line is the worst, and can't pass block worth a damn.

He has one more year on his enormous contract, but I want him gone at the end of this year, with all his shitty yes man coaches.
Your wish may come true. He's going to want a contract extension and it usually ends sooner rather than later when the owner doesn't want to grant one before the final year.
@35: ESPN had them #1 that week, though Mike Sando had them 4th.

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