this is all fine reporting - well done!. nonetheless, a quick sociological aside: the intersection set of folks who read The Slog and who attend any-sort of driscollish church i'd place at: zilchmo. i'll even wave hands more rapidly and add: the intersection between folks who read The Slog and regularly associate with any who attend driscolloid is nigh nada. ah well, proceed...
@1: Damon Conklin and his staff, all the XTREEEEME PUNK RAWKERS who might use the events calendar to find local shows while their plain-dressing wives take care of the quiverfull, I'm sure there's some overlap.
1, that's not the point, it never is. The point is to get the information out there, so that there is a resource available for a) people who are caught up in MH but then begin to have a bad taste & wonder if there's anything behind it, b) people who KNOW others involved in MH, so they have some information to share with them, c) people who are interested in them, who want to find out more to make sure that it's on the level.

The flow of information is a dynamic one. People do change.
@3 well, with respects, it was my point (feeble, but tis my own). imagine that the flow of information is not "dynamic" as you assert, but that there is an impenetrable social wall between those of us here and those of us hovering about discollland. that they may never know what is said here, not directly nor indirectly (because who would have friends that read The Slog?!). in this fantasy-land (which none the less maybe statistically-accurate the information here can only serve to confirm our expectations. ...not that there's anything wrong with that.

and fie upon your "People do change" pollyanna! it's rare enough to be only the stuff of legend. [clumps off to offer burnt offering to flying-spaghetti-monster]
I know a number of driscollites and I'm also a follower of Jesus. Driscoll is dangerous and will hopefully be forced to resign over this. I agree that the Stranger needs to keep churning out this news for the same reasons as the editor lists above. Thank you for doing what the church lacks the courage to do
Well, this is small but it relates to your discourse. Our friend, Vuti, is a Mars man, and he was reading that article yesterday, (or one similar. It was denouncing/shaming Mark D.) and by reflex or absent-mindedness or whatever, he ended up sharing the article on his Facebook page. So more people read it , and then he had to go and explain/apologize, so -sometimes all we get are little victories. And they should be celebrated too.
@5 Mars Hill is a typical Evangelical mega-church. As long as the money is coming in on the collection plates, Driscoll could be caught with a "wide stance" in a men's room, and he'd keep his job. After making a big show of his repentance, sure, but he'd keep his job. The only way he'll lose his job over any scandal is if it hurts the collections.
@7 Actually, no. If/when Driscoll is caught with a cock in his mouth, attendance will drop dramatically and so will the collection. This has played out many times before. There will still be a circle of "disciples" around him (this is a personality cult, after all), but he won't be able to pull in the big bucks anymore. He'll be reduced to doing appearances at all-white hate churches.
@5: "Driscoll is dangerous and will hopefully be forced to resign over this"

Who would force him to resign? It's a top-down organization. Even if he's caught lying about his "direct connnection to God" as he has here, he's the only one who can fire himself in such a group.
@8: He'll still be rich for quite some time off his real-estate holdings. He can outlast the outrage and draw new fools in who think the "rumors" are dark-sided devil speak from hateful demons.
The celebrity-evangelical cult will see to his protection.
A man was run over by his wife after a heated argument at an office holiday party. My spouse and I talked about this SPD Blotter item, my spouse going on about how it's divorce if I try to run him over with the car. I did some reading here and there and figured out the man who was run over is a Mars Hill fan. His wounds aren't life-threatening. His wife's got a dozen court appearances as defendant, she's 24 years old.
When I told my spouse they seemed to be a Mars Hill couple he said he lost a little sympathy for the guy. I hope the guy divorces his wife and finds someone who can pull him away from Mars Hill and to the golden glow of sanity.

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