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Yeah, one of my campmates at Burning Man '98, while topless, was taken aback when a youngster approached her thus:

"Miss... Miss Minniken?"
@1, at least they met in the Burniverse, where chances are the kid's parents were also creatively (un)clad, and the real-world fallout likely nil.

Beats Mark Zmuda's situation all to hell.

"No, you must be a friend of my twin sister."
I ran into an old student at the pub a few months ago and it was terrible, I was drunk and it was awkward. Wish I could get a redo, since she was a cool kid and I'm genuinely interested in catching up with her.
My father always shopped in the next town over, so he wouldn't run into students when he was running errands.
Has anybody else run into their psychiatrist on the street? I'll share me feelings if you share yours.
Folsom Street Fair, I'm shirtless, wearing some sort of harness, walking with some friends. Guy runs up behind us, "Professor, professor!" Friends scatter. Seems I taught him college algebra 15 years before. He's with a man and woman, all in full civilian clothes, all elementary school teachers. We have an awkward catch-up conversation ignoring my attire and the sound of flogging around us. Afterwards, I find my friends by following the cackling.
The only reason my mom didn't want a nude beach in our town was the possibility of sharing it with her students.
I have met them all over the world, including at the South Pole.
This is nothing compared to the awkwardness of being a therapist and running into clients.
Awkwardness describes it well Jude. I'd also add a feeling of hyperreality.
Maybe you should choose a word other than "comic" for this feature. So far, they've all been just illustrations of the banal everyday occurrences of life. Sort of like "Family Circus", with less artistic talent.
@11 I'm with you. Your Family Circus comparison is wholly accurate.
Made brief/awkward eye contact with one of my high-school English teachers while we were both cruising the booths in an adult video arcade back in the 80s, a year or two after I'd graduated.

Absolutely did not have a conversation.
P.S. @11/12, y'all know about this, right?
@14 Thanks. Those are really funny. The banality of Robyn Jordan's comic would be well served by this form of polishing.
I had really bad cramps as a teenager and had to go tio the Gino when I was 13. I was a late bloomers,
I don't think I had even been felt up at that point. It was an excruciating exam. First he asked me three times if I thought I might be pregnant. I told him I was a virgin and he gave me a pregnancy test anyway! Then, the actual looking-at-my-vagina part.. And that's literally all he did. Just look at it.
But guess who I saw at the football gameon Friday night??? His son was in the band.
Why is the teacher embarrassed?
@11: One could argue that Family Circus actually tries to have a punchline. I'm never sure what I'm supposed to be getting from these series of drawings.
Probably body issues or the fact that she's with another woman or both, @17.
@19 I'm starting to get worried her relationship with the boy isn't all that wholesome.
i'm with @17. she's at the beach in a bathing suit. if she was at the topless beach i'd get it.
If you're past college age and in a profession or with an employer where being openly gay still has the potential to turn your life upside down*, suddenly running into someone you know while in the company of a same-sex partner they've never seen before sends your brain into overdrive and can make you stutter or blush. It's something that makes you think about radically changing your own life so that the threat, however abstract, is no longer there.

*Mark Zmuda
It's also awkward being seen by small children you teach with few clothes on. Many people have body image issues already, and teachers are supposed to be the straightest edges of all these days, where they can get fired for someone stealing pictures of them in compromising settings. Being seen by a young student in a bikini top I imagine would be awkward.
@22: i see no cartoon evidence that ms. j is with a same-sex partner. this is what female friends going to a beach also look like.

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