Ah yes, at last we get the proper confession to her crimes.
Still probably not good enough for Paul. He's really been working on his outrage skills lately, and has been putting in some fine performances.
@2: Nope, works for me. I'll have to call off the hordes of angry pitchfork-wielding citizens I have outraged to the point of frothing at the collective mouth with my multiple, outraged posts on this matter. I know I've devoted a lot of time and anger to this issue over the course of the last week and a half, but now I'll have to undo all the havok I have unleashed. Curses!
i agreed with folks that her initial apology was insufficient and suspected that it was largely written out of hurt and anger. it would have benefited her to announce the cancellation briefly and then wait a few days to write a more thoughtful response. maybe this is a lesson for next time. there's always a next time, 'cause being human means fucking up.
Paul, there is an interesting guy named Andrew Walsh, who is the co-host of TBTL. Sweet guy. He was a career producer then got an evening show on KIRO as the host. He has often spoken of how hosting a show night after night, having to have a "take" all the time on every issue was turning him from a basically mellow and conciliatory guy into an outrage machine. I'm suggesting that something similar is happening to you. It's a disease that seems to afflict many in the media.

In general I'm a fan of your work, but I feel like your tone has been getting angrier and frothier in general, not just on this topic. Pretty soon you're going to be as bad as Goldy. And nobody wants that.

Hope you can take my critique constructively.

Still probably not enough of an explanation for outrage troll @2.
Dear world,

This is how you write a sincere apology. Not a faux "I'm sorry if your feelings were hurt" without retracting a single word you said non-apology. Please take note.
What will we do when something awful has happened on every square inch of the Earth? No events for anybody?
@5 well shit, i like paul's tone recently, so your vote is CANCELLED
@9 please tell me you can see a difference between a carefully polished and preserved Slave Plantation Disneyland and the ever-present ghosts of imperialism.
"Really, white people should stop saying this, not because it isn’t true, but because it makes them look really, really bad. Anybody who says something like, 'Well, where CAN you have your righteous writing retreat that hasn’t been touched by oppression?' is just trying to deflate a debate, not have one. We all know that as a society we prioritize things culturally. Ain’t nobody got time to be arguing with you over every piece of land, and you already know that. This is an 'Ah well, fuck it' defense mechanism pretending to be logic, and we know that no good can come from being defensive." (…)
now she just needs to apologize for all her awful music.
Shia LaBeouf to plagiarize this apology in 5...4...3...2...1
I agree with Lucida #10, I like Paul's posts and haven't noticed excessive outrage. He's reporting on social justice, which always makes the oppressor class feel uncomfortable. If he keeps it up, I accept his superhero fascination.

Ani - Apology accepted, but your first outburst puts you on third-wave probation.
@5: And your outrage about Paul's outrage is just! And needful!

It's turtles, all the way down, pal.
If locations where slaves were once kept are off limits, where in america can you go? Native americans kept slaves everywhere; the irish were slaves; the scottish, the african americans... Columbus enslaved the inhabitants of the caribbean islands... Mexico & the spanish...

There's not a place on this continent that didnt' have slaves at one point or another.
@18: Not every spot in America was a known, historic, and kept-in-its-original-condition slave-tending plantation.

Your outrage is noted and ignored because it's based on false premises, that one must host a discussion on race in a slave-tending plantation. It's simply not true.

Yes, oppression happens everywhere, but you can minimize the inappropriateness by avoiding sites of specific acts of known oppression.

It's not like they're avoiding literal ghosts, they're aiming for a consciousness and placed a heavier burden on themselves.
Brass Balls

@18 - So is Auschwitz just another cemetery to you?
He wouldn't see nothin' wrong with having a rally there, I tell you what.
@18: The difference is that it's not a historic site that cultivates an understanding of the tragedy of slavery (the way most sites of atrocities go), but a historic site that whitewashes slavery and romanticizes the lives of slaveowners.

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