I think she meant to say 'The Daily Beast' instead of 'legal weed'.
Does Goldy live in Switzerland?
So should we legalize cocaine?
Plutocrats don't like weed because smoking weed makes you question all the BS plutocrats tell you is important. Like how important it is to be hyper-competitive and materialistic. Like how you should defer and be obedient to your betters. Like buying some crappy unnecessary product backed by a slick marketing campaign will make you happy. Like most of what politicians say is not absolutely insane and just plain stupid. Like most of what is passed off as 'news' is important. I could go on but I'm feeling kinda sleepy, fat and dumb at the moment so... yawn. Anyone got some Doritos? What was I just saying? Fuck it, hahahaha. Nevermind.
Yes, workplace safety is extremely important.
There is a lot of money to be lost by multinational corporations that get paid to sustain an anti-pot policy, and they are not going down without a fight.
David Brooks, T-Brown, a couple media tools eager to ensure conformity to the current economic structure.

There is money to be made in putting brown people in prison.
I... keep reading that tweet as a joke. The alternative is too mind boggling.
Is it possible that legal weed will hasten the loss of all those other things we have that the Chinese don't?

Like? Please enlighten us with your soundbite wisdom, Ken.

And please tell us how lessening the massive amount money we spend on drug offender incarceration is a bad thing.

You understand WHY beer was invented, right? Because water wasn't safe to drink.

You realize that the entire WORLD was half drunk nearly 24/7 from the invention of fermented grains until water purity could be tested and modern purification and sewer systems were widely implemented in the late 1800's. That's just over 100 years ago.

And lo' and behold we still created civilization, didn't we.
Feel free to ponder the consequences of Legal Tobacco & Legal Alcohol. Oh, hell, close the holy triangle. Legal Firearms!
@8: Isn't making statements like that how you get hired in publishing?
I think by 'compete with the Chinese' she is referring to that contest we are in to see which country can incarcerate a larger percentage of its population.
@2: No.

Certainly not if illegal weed hasn't.
@7 What? Like?

God, you guys and your unsubstantiated conspiratorial claims.

There is infinitely MORE money to be made growing and selling pot, I assure you.

That's what make the prohibition SO insane. What economic motives there was to maintain it ended when we stopped using sailing ships.

The prohibition of pot in the 21st century is maintained on nothing but biased cultural inertia.
@2 - I don't see why. Of course, given a posit with neither a premise to question nor supporting data to concede, discredit, and/or reinterpret, all we can offer is a counter-assertion (or, perhaps more accurately, voice a counter-suspicion). Which makes it like every other conversation I (or anyone else, near as I can tell) have ever had with you.

Do you have any reason to believe that legal marijuana will undo social justice gains and living wages? If so, what are they? For doG's sake, man, make an argument.
@15 That's our Ken.

Particularly when all he does is mount his facile pseudo-arguments against every attempt at legislation that ensures social justice and living wages. "Ol' drive-by Ken" we call him.
Why can't Tina Brown be eaten alive by 120 starving dogs?
@14, sorry, I thought it was common knowledge.
Here, have a chart.…

Here is Ezra Klein mocking David Brooks with it on twitter.…

It's the song of the new year, conservatives defending a policy that nets corporations lots of money and puts lots of brown people in prison because … it's a conservative value.
@17: We need to get her trapped in the same room as Arianna Huffington first.
We could just end legalized slavery ... Oh, sorry, I meant the Drug War.

Same thing.
@17, because throwing her in that cage just changes the number to 121.

(Or, was that a rhetorical question?)
I don't even think dogs want anything to do with her.
You know Goldy, every time I'm convinced you're a worthless tool yourself, you go and publish something bordering on intelligent.
@4 - No, not cocaine, to short lived. We should legalize amphetamines, and have the government distribute it to all workers.

I dunno, my understanding is that (a) MJ can assist with creativity (aka "ingenuity"), something Yankees already have in spades., and (b) we are already a fat nation.

Fortunately the Chinese are starting on the road to catching us in that last department. I guess obesity comes with affluence?

MJ doesn't make you dumber, just more forgetful. Anyway, people would be more productive if they could take a nap during the day.
@23 Opium =/= Marijuana.

Also, for reference:
LSD =/= Methamphetamine
Ecstasy =/= Magic Mushrooms, and
Xanax =/= Heroin

I'm more worried about Oxycontin distribution.... o_O
@23 - On what do you base the premumption that marijuana is more comparable to opium, which may have played a role in said decline, than to alcohol, which appears to have accompanied the rise of the West from day one?
@23 American civilization? What do you mean exactly? I think right-wing demagoguery and corporate hegemony are already doing a good job of destroying American civilization. Let's look at the current state of affairs: Huge incarceration rates, esp. for minorities, for an increasing for-profit prison industry; perpetual wars of aggression that are wildly destructive and ruinously expensive and only serve to benefit the short term profits of a small number of very affluent and connected individuals and corporations; accelerating environmental degradation, including potentially catastrophic climate change and a political system incapable of offering any kind of meaningful response; the highest disparity of income between the 1%ers and everyone else in over 100 years; regional politicians openly advocating breaking up the US, typically so they can institute racist and theological regimes; corporations that are so insular, corrupt and powerful they are contemptuous of society, democracy, human rights, the environment; etc.

Any you are worried about people smoking pot? Get a clue.
i have no interest in competing with the chinese.

@23, no.

This, I predict:
Monday morning attendance at work, and day after pay day attendance at work, will be better, the workers less hung over and more productive.
People that plan a vacation day for the day following the Super Bowl to recover from an alcohol hang over will decline in Washington and Colorado, starting next year.

Not really something I could imagine predicting with the legalization of opiates.
the best way to workout is to vape vape vape before during and after, especially outdoor runs, never been fitter in my life than as a stoned solo athlete. lady needs a toke or two before she elliptizes or whatever other indoor stationary exercizes she does. sheesh. also, eating uber healthy is never tastier than when one is baked.
@23: "Most racists agree"

Fixed that for you.…

"The first anti-drug law in our country was a local law in San Francisco passed in 1875. It outlawed the smoking of opium and was directed at the Chinese because opium smoking was a peculiarly Chinese habit. It was believed that Chinese men were luring white women to have sex in opium dens. In 1909 Congress made opium smoking a federal offense by enacting the Anti-Opium Act. It reinforced Chinese racism by carving out an exception for drinking and injecting tinctures of opiates that were popular among whites."

You're garbage, Ken.
A relative dearth of prison labor.

I agree with the rest of your post, but... WHAT? Even before China announced it was abolishing its prison labor camps about a week ago, China had roughly 160K prison laborers. The United States has roughly 1 million prison laborers. Even though China has 5x the population. China isn't even on the same order of magnitude as the USA.

It's absurd and minimizing to the prison labor camps in the USA to cite China as even close to as bad as the USA. America's prison labor camps are almost certainly the worst in world history.
Oh, Tina. You go right ahead and compete with the Chinese, dear. Go right ahead.
@23, you're kidding, right? Because pot is every bit as debilitating as opium? Because now that pot is legal in two states, the legalization of opium can't be far behind?

False equivalencies much?
The prison/industrial complex is biting their nails.
@38 - Granting that anecdote only goes so far ... I'm a personal trainer, acrobat, actor, playwright, martial artist; for most of the last five years, I have rarely worked less than 60 hours a week. I will leave it to others to determine whether or not I am an example for or against "stupid," but the many, many artists whose lifestyles aren't so different from my own include people with doctorates and vigorous autodidacts who have published in academic journals.

I am not convinced that there is a causative relationship between obesity, stupidity, laziness, and marijuana use. I suppose it depends on whether one is toking on a Tuesday morning or lighting up with the missuz after a twelve hour work day.
Shorter Tina Brown: "What this country needs are some good, old-fashioned re-education camps."

I could make exactly the same statement regarding people with the last name of Mehlman who post on SLOG. So, is my over-broad generalization any more or less accurate than yours?

(Just in case you were wondering, it's "more", because you're referring to tens of millions of pot smokers, whereas I'm only referring to a single individual - see how that works?)
@41 - As is often the case, you highlight the weakness of your arguments with your own assertions. If being stoned just isn't fun for you, and you can stop as a result, the chemically addictive properties of the substance are minimal; its generally benign withdrawal symptoms (as opposed to alcohol's deadly ones) would seem to support that. Look at the large number of people who use in their youth and taper off as it loses its lustre.

Two thoughts - First, my experience is that people who want to try it try it, and most who use it use as much as they care to. Any potentia increase in experimentation by those who fear censure would likely be offset by those to whom it would no longer carry any outlaw appeal. And if granting, arguendo, an increase in use, since you all but admit that full on addicts are minority, I think the number of new ones would be negligible.

Second, I wonder if you have considered that the stereotypical stoner you describe is the sort of person frequently attracted to the drug, rather than its product.

And finally, a question: do you, in principle, feel that repeal of the prohibition of alcohol was an error? And if not, what, to you, is the functional difference?
Oh Ken. The key word there is "admitted".
Yeah, that figure is profoundly low, even allowing for my own sampling biases (Seattleite, professional performer, etc.). But what can we expect? When admitting to something can still potentially have economic repercussions, your numbers are likely to be skewed.
Why yes Ken, yes I do. More to the point I know even more people who do both but would have been unlikely to admit to doing the illegal thing rather than the legal thing.
For what would seem to me obvious reasons.

That's not rocket science Ken.
@47: Did you seriously just try to enter as evidence basic demographics about people you know? THE PLURAL OF "ANECDOTE" IS NOT "DATA".
@38: "People who smoke a lot of pot tend to be fat, lazy, and stupid. You don't think increasing the number of people who are like that is harmful to society?"

The fact that Seattle tech industry doesn't drug test is a counter to your claims. They are more productive and highly smarter than you've ever been at any point in your life.

@47: Ken, you're a moron. I can imagine that people would smoke weed to simply end up not like you, or for a moment in time forget that people stupid and nasty like yourself exist.

It's well worth the tradeoff.
@48: As far as medicine tells us, weed is less neurotoxic, better for our health than alcohol, and sidesteps the "functional addict" aspect of most alcoholics by not developing a physical dependence.

His arguments stem from appeals to false history, Reefer Madness, or whatever he's made up in his head.
@47 - Yes. Yes I do.
@53: "The choice is whether, or not, to toss more fuel on the fire of addiction by legalizing marijuana as well."

Marijuana is not physically addictive.
@54, 55: Marijuana IS physiologically addictive, but very weakly so. Withdrawal symptoms, even in heavy users, tend to resemble those of caffeine withdrawal, including irritability, nausea, and anxiety. The greater danger is the potential for users to become psychologically dependent on it.
Some useful-looking PRIMARY DOCUMENTS (Ken, don't push that science reporting B.S. on us):………
Ken has a sad cuz he doesn't get invited to the fun parties.
@55: I said medicine, not DARE-level bullshit.
I love how you linked to blogs and content farm shit, not scientific studies.
More info for Ken, who's too lazy and dumb to research for himself.…
Hey I'm thin, smart and highly motivated. Real Blue Dream makes me bang out brutal crossfit workouts brimming with burpees, sprints and dead lifts then clean the house.

The precept that pot makes you lazy, fat and dumb is probably horse shit; pot might select for individuals with those traits but doesn't likely cause them.

woot, @Clara; simpatico!
@55 - Define the term "addiction" broadly enough (and I don't see why we shouldn't), and measuring any issues with cessation as "withdrawal symptoms," and any of a number of things are chemically addictive--exercise, television, candy, fat, sex. And like marijuana, any of these are probably negligibly harmful for most users, dangerous for a small subset, and harmless and even enriching to a lucky minority.

In any case, I don't hold you or any voter even somewhat capable of determining the parameters of my behavior vis-a-vis such amenities.
If anything is symptomatic of the stupidity of Americans it is Ken Mehlman. Therefor I propose he be made illegal.

He's a virus with a criminal amount of free time with which to squander on spreading himself like a plague, a plague of useless insufferable anecdotes.

Thankfully he isn't addictive. But reading him makes me want to shoot heroin, so I guess he's a gate way drug to addictive stupidity.
@38- I'm so late to this parade, but here's a video of a fat lazy pot smoker:…
@65: I enjoy agreeing with you, tkc.

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