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Man, that looks cold. Like Barrow, Alaska cold.
Chicago is literally colder than the South Pole right now. No thank you.
Watch out for these things
@Urqutha: those things wouldn't last 20 minutes in most of Chicago. The potholes and gangbangers would take care of 'em.
Fantastic. Just beautiful!
Only if the gangbangers are using harpoons and tow cables - that armor's too strong for blasters.
Oh, yes, lovely. And in the hot, hot summer, this beach is covered in putrid Alwifes.
Ice dunes! I haven't seen those since I was in college in Erie, PA. Every year, the school would warn students not to walk on the ice dunes because they are hollow and there is icy water underneath them. And every year some guy (and it was always a guy) would ignore the warnings, walk on the dunes, and fall through. The next week there would be an article in the college paper about the dangers of walking on the ice dunes.

Yeah, but it's also about a thousand times cooler than Seattle. South-Pole-chill is a small price to pay in order to live in a real city and avoid the overrated white suburban town of Seattle.
Pedestrian on pier - later to be "body found." You'd think people would save the divers the trouble.
@7 Alewives pretty much extinct in Great Lakes due to Zebra mussels and round Goby invasive species. @8, yes, I'm watching idiots test the ice right now. It's so quiet out, I'd hear the screams. Dogs much likelier to go in, since they run out on the edges all the time.
@11: These pictures are fantastic. Thank you.
Pfft, it's not cold in Chicago until the lake's iced up to 100 yards out. But enjoy congratulating yourself for enduring a few frozen nose-hairs, if you really need the ego boost that badly.
@8: Ice dunes? I gotta admit that's a new concept to this middle-aged northwesterner.

And I'm ok with that. I really can't imagine living in a climate where's that's a thing.
9, yeah, Springfield is a much a better city than that snooty Shelbyville.
@14 On smaller lakes that freeze over completely, there are also ice quakes.…
Uh, no, that is not a pedestrian on the pier, unless the pedestrian is about 30 feet tall. Do a google image search for "lake michigan pier" to see the scale of that trestle that leads out to the lighthouse.

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