Freedom Foundation CEO Tom McCabe (formerly the big boss at the execrable BIAW) has apparently learned an important lesson from the brutal crushing of the Machinists union at the hands of Boeing and its surrogates in the political elite:

My New Year's resolution? Strike a blow against the power of big union bosses.

Or maybe a couple. And hard.

These union bosses have rigged our politics. Current law gives them power to take money from workers and spend it on their big-government agenda with almost no accountability at all. It has to stop.

There is no path to more freedom and prosperity in Washington State that doesn't include reducing the power of big union bosses.

Um... huh?

McCabe goes on to ask for money from freedom-loving patriots "just like you" so that he can help beleaguered corporate America fight the unlimited resources and menacing power of big labor. Because the "Freedom" in Freedom Foundation stands for freedom from reality.

On a more serious note, while you'd think Boeing's bullying of the Machinists might have defused anti-labor fear-mongering like McCabe's, you'd be wrong. What it really did was expose how weak organized labor can be, and that has some on the right salivating at the chance to exploit this weakness and go in for the kill—which in turn has some in Washington's labor movement looking over their shoulders and wondering if this is the year so-called "right to work" legislation might rear it's union-killing head.

McCabe's justification for leaving "tire tracks on the backs" of labor unions may be cynical, but his intentions are clear. He'd like nothing more than to play an instrumental role in destroying organized labor in Washington State.