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These are conservative rural voters, coming into the capitol to protest for the rights of the rich. I think we called that the "tea Party" when it happened in America.
@1 is basically correct
It's worse that just equating them to the Tea Party, the rural voters are being paid for their vote. When one of my Dad's old students (from his Peace Core teaching days) tried to object to the payments being made he had a gun pulled on him.
All three of you are just wrong.

This is not America.
The elites are fighting each other (Reds and Yellows). The Yellows are the old money. The Reds are the new mega corporation money. The US loves the reds as they are big business and less prone to nationalizing industry and more likely to penalize foreign corporations.

The rural poor of the north are Red, the rural poor of the south are yellow.

Don't put the king in this. Both side love him.

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