Corporations are fighting this? Go talk to some small businesses, many will be fucked by this.
Don, there's an accent (tilde) on the é of El Comité.
@1, you go talk to some small businesses, because it's likely the law will let extremely small businesses off the hook. But you could also tell them that if they can't pay their employees decent money, they really shouldn't be in business.
@4 you want to drive small businesses out of Seattle? Hope you like your chain stores with even shittier service then.

Btw if if exempt small businesses from the 60% wage spike, you're exempting close to 70 of workers. Great plan.
Btw Comrade Kshama lama ding dong says not exemptions for small businesses. Kiss your local book store and indie record store good bye.
Of course I'm sure the Stranger's staff and its contributors make at least $15 per hour or its equivalent, right?
Every decent person knows that this is literally the least that needs to be done. Go and show your support!

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