I believe it turned out to be reverse bamboozling--the small beer held a large beer's worth of ounces, not vice versa. In other words, if you were buying small beers you were getting a bargain, and Clink's biggest crime might have been aiding and abetting drunk driving, if you drank more ounces of beer than you thought you did and drove home.

Since then they've switched to a single beer size.
At Sounders games (so not sure re: Seahawks), they now have legitimate 16oz. sizes for cheaper as an early arrival incentive. They market it as a discount but don't advertise that it is actually 4oz. smaller.
This may not be a complete explanation in this case, but there is a bit of an optical illusion that goes on with pint glasses, in which a huge portion of the volume is held at the very top of the glass. You can see in the video that the glass is not entirely full (but pretty close) on the large, which may seem trivial but is not. Read more here:…
McMenamin's has their own pint and pitcher sizes. I know their name is revered in the PNW, but I'm not convinced of the quality or value.

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