So the shit that gets flushed down the toilet represents the christians who are getting raptured to heaven?

Yeah... That sounds about right.
Another tip: put on a glove and stick your finger in there. You can manually remove any small or squishy pieces that get left behind.
Protip- you can stick your finger in your vagina and press against the back wall to coax feces out. Or so I've been told, repeatedly.
More fiber means harder stools?
also, maybe try to poop before you jill off.
dan really knows his shit.

@3 Now I kinda wish I had a vagina...
I think she should talk to her doctor, as mortifying as that might be. It could be a health issue.
40% chance this letter is fake, from some dude who fetishizes 17-year old bisexual girls shitting themselves.

I just don't believe that orgasm causes defecation with great regularity. Contractions of the anal sphincter will only cause defecation if the rectum is full. Of course, everyone's body is unique, and her orgasms might also trigger peristalsis through her entire lower colon. Most adults (and children) can tell if their rectum is full. If this girl is real, then she just needs to be housebroken.
@3: Things I learned from Reddit.
If you're quick on the toilet it's worth giving it more time. I always take my phone with me and play a game so I don't get bored and rush off, because often after I feel like I'm done there's a bit more that'll come if I wait. (It doesn't come out at the wrong moment for me, but there's less mess if I make sure I'm done.) Don't try to squeeze it out either, and if it won't come out without you deliberately pushing then you should probably have more fibre and water.
(For @12, re: throne phoning.)

People with irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, ileitis, etc., in remission or not—things just don't work right sometimes regardless of diet. You can have constipation one day, or twelve days in a row, and diarrhea the next, or eight days in a row. Sometimes the bowels gallop, sometimes they saunter. And it's fairly common to be unable to empty the rectum completely.

So anal douching may be the answer relationship-wise, as it is for so many male and female porn stars who need to have anal sex without gross-out disasters. But you should also keep your doctor informed, and ask for a referral to a gastroenterologist if intestinal problems persist with dietary experimentation, or worsen.
She should pick up a copy of Tristan Taoromino's excellent guide on anal sex for women. It taught me so much about my ass that I didn't know before. The advice on how not to get santorum should also prevent shitting during orgasm. Plus I am pretty sure Tristan was not airborne when she wrote it :-)…
Another tip for full evacuation: When you are sitting on the toilet raise your arms above your head. It changes the tilt of your pelvis, making it easier to get the rectum clear of faeces. Sounds crazy, but works.
@4: Firmer, more solid, not exactly "hard", but less loose.
Why am I talking about poo in a SLLOTD thread :I
Using a finger to get the last little bit out? Is that why it's called buggery?

As far as fiber goes, the best out there is called Konsyl. Pure psyllium fiber. No flavor. If it's not at your drug store, they'll order it, or you can order direct from their website. Use it regularly, and half the time you won't even need to use toilet paper afterwards. Everything comes out as smooth as silk, and your butthole will be as clean as a whistle. Needless to say, it's perfect for guys too.
This can also be a problem with weak pelvic floor muscles. Kegels and/or physical therapy can help.

But definitely ask a doctor if it is this distressing. The medical term is fecal incontinence. They can help you decide what kind of specialist (if any) is needed.

But for starters, more fiber, more water, less coffee, less alcohol.
Additional to @15's advice, gently rocking back & forth also helps.

@17 don't sweat it, there are *so many* worse places to be talking about poo.
I'm really hoping she's using a 17-year-old's sense of time in describing herself as a "long time reader"
Just one time, about four months into a nine month long relationship, I had a girlfriend lose control like that (and she was on top).
I just turned my head (seeing that on me did nothing for me) while she found the rubbing alcohol and toilet paper and cleaned me up.

My points are that this letter may be real, and also that if a partner really likes you and isn't prone to freaking out over things that don't actually cause damage, even if you make a mistake don't panic.

However I do think that Dan is right about just getting to know your butt and emptying it properly. No shit is better than shit for most of us, and makes the occasional back-side stimulation more pleasant.
21 comments in and nobody including Dan has mentioned the obvious thing:

Talk to your doctor.

Seriously, talk to your doctor. Rectal incontinence at age 17 is unusual enough that you should get checked out: as @13 alluded to, there are a number of annoying but treatable conditions that might be the real problem here, and you should get checked out for them.
@16: Yeah, that's why I thought Dan's use of the word "hard" was odd.
Gluten intolerance.
I actually think she should see her doctor. Someone with a healthy digestive system won't have remnants of shit that stay stuck in the rectum and come out during orgasm, no matter how hard they cum. 17 year olds should not experience incontinence. I'm sure it sounds mortifying to explain this to your doctor, but doctors hear all kinds of things, and you're definitely not the only one and you won't be the first person with this problem your doctor has seen.

Once your digestive problems are fixed, then you'll probably be able to relax and cum with your partners too without worrying about shit leaking out.
@26: "Someone with a healthy digestive system won't have remnants of shit that stay stuck in the rectum"


A healthy digestive system will have poop in it if there's poop in it. It shouldn't necessarily come out during orgasm, but the presence isn't problematic.
I mean, it doesn't just "stay there", it's in a continual process of flowing through you.
Dan said "harder", not "hard". As in a matter of degree, not petrified.


The anal douche video was clear, informative and presented by a pleasantly posh blonde Englishwoman.
@29; I didn't really have any good reason to read that, but I'm sort of glad I did. Thanks?
Insomnia can be good for learning :)
If it is not, as others have suggested, some undiagnosed medical problem, I would only add to Dan's suggestions: daily exercise. It does lead to more predictable and trouble-free pooping. It can even put your body on a schedule--e.g., if I'm doing cardio faithfully, I poop 20 minutes after waking up. I think you could set a watch by it, but that would be weird.
Ahhem, I don't think this is all that unusual, especially if she is having very strong orgasms. This can sometimes happen to me if I'm allowing myself to squirt, which requires letting the pelvic muscles go all out. Don't think it's a medical problem at all, I think Dan's advice is pretty spot on. If I've been having shits on the loose side, either because of what I ate, or it's close to my period, I know I've got to take care if I want to blast off like that.
@28: Er, from 29-

"Stools do not enter the rectum from the colon on a continuous basis, but as a result of mass movements, which happen from time to time, especially before the need to go to the toilet is experienced"

The whole thing is probably worth a read.
I wonder if she's under a lot of stress, besides the sexual insecurity. Anecdotally, everybody I know with digestive disorders has had a bit of recent trauma, or are pretty high-strung people. Or she has an unaddressed food allergy, in which case she should start a food diary and see if she reacts badly to different foods. See a doctor, girl.

I have IBS, I always recommend a probiotic because it's helped with some with the looseness. You can get them at any pharmacy or supplement store. Although I still have pain, I've tried Rx medications and they've all caused WORSE cramping). It's been really clean back there, and I feel more confident in the sack. Processed foods are really bad for gut flora, probiotics help replenish your tummy cultures. It's the good stuff found in yogurt, but x1000000.
Just wanted to pop in and point out, as @10 suggests: There are guys who love this. Source: ._.
To get the chamber completely clear, she should try a Squatty Potty. It elevates your legs to simulate squatting during defecation, which is the most natural position for elimination. It straightens out the rectum and leads to faster, cleaner and less strenuous poos. My partner and I bought one recently and we love it.
@36; or other, more serious issues may be at play. I spent years being told symptoms were 'due to anxiety' (read: patient is female) until my actual, rather nasty, condition was diagnosed. So I'm rather sensitive to any attempts to Internet-diagnose.

Definitely should see a doctor, but in terms of making the symptoms easier, Kegels/pelvic floor exercises will help. Properly done, they exercise the front, middle and back muscles 'down there', both separately and together. That will make it easier for one set of muscles to keep tight when another set of muscles is relaxing.
@10 - when I was recently out of high school I had a friend who confessed to me that his new girlfriend would shit everytime she came when he went down on her. My reaction at the time was "that's fucking gross", but that was more than 20 years ago. His response was that he thought it was cool to be able to get his girl so excited that she shit herself. So, RSH, there are some people out there who like that shit;p I'm for the enema thing though, which I understand is common practice for the ladies and lads in the porn industry who seem unconcerned about taking their partner's cock out right of their ass and putting it straight into their mouth "that's fucking gross". But if Asa Akira can get her ass clean enough to take Lexington Steeles 10 inch cock out of her ass and put it in her mouth, you can clean your poop shoot out enough to come without shitting yourself or others.
The way we sit on modern, Western toilets is unnatural for the human body. The best position is squatting. You may get better results by propping up your legs when you're on the toilet.

Also, some people have emotional problems with pooping, that might be an issue here. If you are not relaxed, it's not going to happen.

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