The Islands of Seattle: based on a 240 rise in sea level should all of the worlds ice sheets melt.
  • Jeffrey Linn | UW
  • The Islands of Seattle: based on a 240' rise in sea level should all of the world's ice sheets melt.

We've written about Seattle as an urban archipelago in the political sense, but if temperatures keep rising and the ice keeps melting, that's where our region is headed quite literally. To this end, Jeffrey Linn, a campus planner at the University of Washington, has created this weirdly fascinating map—The Islands of Seattle—depicting our city's watery geography some 5,000 years hence in the event of a worst-case climate change scenario: A 240' rise in sea level.

Thankfully for folks here at The Stranger, our offices are safely ensconced high and dry on the aptly named Capitol Island. As for me, Linn's map suggests that I am the proud owner of future waterfront property on the charming little Graham Island, just to the south of the Columbia Shoal. Yay for me!

Linn provides images with further details over at the blog Spatialities, along with a nifty little animated GIF illustrating the effects of sea-level rise over time. Click through for the full map, and find out whether you are one of the real estate winners or losers of global warming.