In response to Ansel's Slog post about a Bank of America employee bragging to members of the Washington State Patrol that the bank has a team of 20 employees who troll social media all day looking for "intel on Anarchists or Occupy Protesters ," Anonymous has issued a nonspecific (and bombastic) threat:

It blows our minds how anyone could still bank with you, or why they would want to...

You're a vampire, Bank of America. You're a parasite, bloated with the blood that you suck from the financial life of your customers. Shall we mention your colluding with Visa and MasterCard to keep ATM fees outrageously high? Or all the times that you illegally and wrongfully foreclosed on the homes of families that banked with you, leaving those families homeless, their lives ruined? Or the minuscule amount of taxes that you're supposed to pay, but don't? What about the six former Bank of America employees who came forward and revealed your despicable practices, including rewarding employees who managed to place ten or more mortgage accounts into foreclosure in one month with a $500.00 bonus?

We suppose a financial institution with your track record of being evil could justify spying on a group of average citizens who were attempting to exercise their right to air grievances through public assembly, but that doesn't make it right, and it doesn't make what we do any of your business, either.

So if you're still with Bank of America and somebody digitally blows it up and ruins your financial life, you'll know who to blame.

Ansel Herz.