More likely, Anonymous will add extra zeroes to people's accounts and BA customers will be ten or one hundred or one thousand times richer than they had thought.
Credit, you mean.

BofA deserves the blame for everything associated with them. Hmmm.... maybe I should move that old 401K somewhere else...
I've used BoA for over twenty years. Never been charged an overdraft, never been charged ATM fees, never paid a penny of interest on my credit cards. Every year the wife and I earn free domestic flights thanks to BoA.

All this begs the question: What are you morons doing wrong?
Did I mention I got a 30 yr fixed mortgage with Wells Fargo for. 3.14% no closing costs? Seriously, what are you morons doing wrong?
3&4, congratulations on being financially well off and having good credit.

Now go fuck yourself.
Well off, good credit, AND limber as hell. The man's a triple threat!
@3 & 4

Oh, silly, foolish baby disparage the very generations upon whom your future depends.

Stupid, stupid fool...hope you weren't planning on getting the mercy of the same generations whose fortunes you mortgaged and spent before they were born, whose future was lost to your incompetence and selfish, shortsighted greed, whose struggles serve as your current amusement.

Laugh, fool, laugh. Enjoy your condescension.

We will not forget.
Why would you sign this Ansel Herz? The only person to blame would be the person still banking with BOA.
" foolish baby boomer."

Gen X actually.

"Now go fuck yourself."

Actually that's how you wind up po'
Believe your missing the point Sugartits, not surprising since you are obviously the moron here. See, that Bank of America hasn't ripped off each and every one of their customers is irrelevant given that they have definitely ripped off millions of other people, to the point of destroying people's lives for very little profit. They are an evil company willing to let people die if it means even a marginal profit. Meanwhile other organizations, mostly credit unions, are not evil, and provide the same services at the same rates as a bank. So, given that you support, i.e. give your money to, an evil corporations, when it isn't necessary to do so, you are an asshole. I wish it wasn't the case that you are too stupid to see I'm right, but I'm sure you are too stupid to see I'm right, so good luck, and please, please don't breed.

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