can we especially delegate Councilperson Sawant to deal with Sam Bellomio?
So all your predictions about the Council members, and in particular Sally Clark, snubbing Sawant, burying her issues, freezing her out, and in general spending all their energy and focus on licking the asses of downtown developers to the detriment of the fine upstanding citizens of Seattle was, well, a complete sack of shit? Gee, I'm shocked.
Can we get a restraining order for Bellomio so that he can't show up to City Council anymore?
I'm still expecting Kshama to cheer Bellomio's initiative in Occupying the Seattle City Council.

So, you are cheering the fact that two years from now all the council members will be able to take the same claim that they've been working as a part of this committee to raise the minimum wage ?

And this is an improvement from the previous situation where only 4 council members could claim such ? Or do you think that more committee members = more decisive action ?…
Housing Affordability, Human Services and Economic Resiliency
Agendas (sign up for Agendas)
Meeting Video Archives
1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 9:30 a.m.

Chair: Sally J. Clark
Vice-Chair: Tom Rasmussen
Member: Kshama Sawant
Alternate: Mike O'Brien

Councilmember Clark's committee will handle issues concerning affordable housing, homelessness, child care, and disability services, local and regional public health, as well as policies relating to economic development and affordability, including the minimum wage.
Typical Seattle City Council committee... cancelled again.

The Committee on Housing Affordability, Human Services, and Economic Resiliency meeting scheduled for Thursday, January 16, 2014 has been cancelled.

@2, they haven't done a damn thing yet... If they do act it won't necessarily reflect a lack of down town money unduely influencing city hall's priorities against welcoming a socialist, and her agenda, to the council, but rather the even greater influence of a mass popular movement that has already unseated one member who was formerly considered a left progressive dem.
@6: you mean we're two weeks into the year and they haven't done a damn thing (other than create a public process to move this forward)? Goddamn lazy fuckers. This wouldn't happen if we just had a dictator.
@7 what did incumbent council members do last term about minimum wage?
@8, but only O'Brien and Licata knew that there was a problem. How could the others know? None of their friends were low-income. Funny how their ears perked up when Conlin lost.
What about all the predictions that Sawant was going to make it all about herself? We're two weeks in and it appears she's happy to take a back seat if things are moving in the right direction.
This is going to be an amazing clusterfuck. Looking forward to some fireworks.
Capitol Hill Seattle just posted a blog post with a list of Capitol Hill business owners who wrote an open letter opposing $15/hour minimum wage.

"If the $15 minimum wage is enacted, we would go out of business immediately and all our 25 permanent staff (up to 50 seasonally) will be out of a job. Itโ€™s that simple."

CHS is also deleting almost every comment critical of these business owners and has no repudiation of these claims. Several commenters jumped in to call out some of the BS claims made, and even list the real estate these people own based on public records searches, but got deleted immediately. Slog, please post about this, as CHS appears to have gone right of the Seattle Times.

The owner of Red Light who said that quote owns a $728,000 house in Greenwood. The owners of Julia's own a $1,357,000 house. Dave Meinert, who predictably jumped in the comments defending capitalism and how much he's close to the brink, owns two houses in King County - including this mansion in Burien.…
Select Committees are not public. They are actually even less transparent, because this give the false impression that they are. All of the decisions to move forward, or not--are made in the offices of attorneys, and over dinner in down town or Queen Anne. Once the decision has been reached, the theatrical "Seattle process" begins, with everyone pretending to be skeptical and feigning duty of care, and then cast their vote in accordance with what Mr. Burgess or Sally Clark wishes.
Less talk.

More action.
@12 just because your comments have been removed, doesn't mean we are "deleting almost every comment critical of these business owners." We have removed your comments because you continue to post information about home addresses and house values of the business owners. You're correct. It's public information. We also don't allow identifying information like this to be posted in our comments. You should get a blog or post your information to Facebook.
#15: It wasn't only my comments, and I posted no address information to your site. I posted home values because that is absolutely relevant when people make false political statements saying they will go out of business if they need to pay higher wages. It's even more relevant when you have posted absolutely nothing about the majority of Capitol Hill who supports a $15/hr minimum wage.

Shocking that you own a $650K house as well. What a surprise. Rich white guys unite.

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