Those bosses should be happy that Neak Ta isn't as vengeful as Popobawa!
I just thank the good Lord Jesus that here in America we do not disrupt society with silly beliefs about supernatural beings!
How powerful. When the oppressor will not listen to my voice, my subconscious seeks to call upon another voice that may be heard.
The spirit world exist, the khmer ppl changed to committing more sins, hungry for money, they dnt believe in ancestors and the spirts of cambodia. How could neakta be powerful if less ppl are believing in him and turning towards rich cowards hungry for money, turning cambodia into laborious factory workers, and cutting down our natural sacred forest, that would not benefit their own khmer ppl, but the elite rich slums,

All future plans would benefit rich slums and than technolgy would take over jobs that is already a vietnamese job market!

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