Maybe all those NSA super computers would be put to better use registering and counting votes.
Make Election Day a national holiday and the kids would not be in school.
The best way to make it easier to vote is to not let the decisions about voting to the people who have a private interest in the outcome of elections. If you think citizenship means showing up every four years to the ballot box, then don't be surprised when something shady happens in between.
It is kinda crap that we get holidays for pilgrims and baby Jesus and fireworks but not for democracy.
Republicans assert that we need to make it more difficult to vote in order to protect the integrity of "legitimate" voters. The only way that logic works is if we have a problem of too many people trying to vote. That is hardly borne out by evidence. The Republicans will continue to throw up as many barriers as possible to voting precisely because it benefits them to do so.
Universal Mail-In Voting (like we have here in WA State).

Problem solved.

You're welcome.
@ 6,
Oh so right.. I get to submit a dmv record, then I get to vote by mail. Wait, those that have DMV records already have ID's. Most ineligible voters are seniors. Chances are if you are 80, you don't have a valid drivers license. Their insurance is higher then a 16 year old. This doesn't even account for testing once again.
Mail works great for those already registered. It is a bit of a bitch for those whom haven't been registered.
A huge populace has never voted, nor seemed to think it has mattered. Many republicans are now targeting these groups for spending cuts. Groups that have never been targeted before.
@ 7, that's why there are voting drives.
The republican party's platform is repugnant to the majority of citizens. They know this fact.

The only way republicans can win elections is by disenfranchising as many people as possible.

Of course they're against making voting easier.
Election Day should be a national holiday. Of course, Republicans will fervently oppose such a proposal because they benefit from low turnout.
@ 8
Voting drives are awesome. Many have been discouraged.
If you live in Seattle, your mail in vote requires an almost 50¢ stamp. You have to make it to the post office to buy a single stamp. A bus ride to get to the post office costs a senior 75¢ to ride. The in person vote isn't just a transportation issue in King county, but also a time consuming one.
It isn't just the mean nasty Republicans that are making it increasingly harder for seniors to vote.
Voting should be compulsory and subject to fines if not exercised, but then again so should military service.

In WA State USPS will deliver ballots to the local County Assessor/Elections Office even if they have incorrect or no postage attached.

Also, there are numerous ways to register: online, at various county/state offices, by mail, you can even fax it in:…

In short, none of these is a particularly difficult obstacle to surmount.
Never mind that zero Republican run states will respond with any compliance to the new recommendations, you can look forward to those states passing laws to prohibit their county election officials from buying new machines, opening additional polling places, moving polling places to more accessible locations, or hiring additional poll workers.

How is showing up to a polling place better for people who haven't been registered? You have to register a month in advance anyway; it's not like you can just show up, get registered, and then vote.

Speaking of seniors, don't you think it might be a hell of a lot easier for them to just fill out a mail-in ballot than to try to get a ride to their polling place?

And I've never had to submit any DMV records to register to vote and to sign up for a mail ballot.
The NSA will intercept 100% of SMS traffic in the world but we can't figure out how to get people to vote. "America"
Please vote for any Democrat in 2014 and 2016.

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